History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 72

72 Thus, Mena remained with the Student Health Care Center full-time, and Roth, Lagasse, and Kratina ended their time in 2010. This decision allowed GatorWell to strengthen its focus on implementing population level health promotion programs and initiatives aimed at not only changing individual student health behaviors, but also striving towards changing the campus environment. GatorWell Health Hut Photo Credit: UF GatorWell Health Promotion Services Upon the restructuring, Shannon Delaney was hired in April 2010 to provide health promotion programming centered on healthy eating and body image. Another health promotion specialist, Joi Alexander, joined GatorWell in July 2010 to coordinate the residential outreach program at GatorWell’s satellite locations. In 2011, Baker left her position and Sara Martin was subsequently hired. In April 2012, Haberman retired from the Director position. Maureen Miller was appointed as the Interim Director of GatorWell until July 2012 when she was selected as the permanent director. In August 2012, Delaney left her position to relocate to another state, and Natalie Rella was hired in March 2013. In January 2013, the STRIVE (Sexual Trauma/Interpersonal Violence Education) peer education program was moved from the Counseling and Wellness Center to GatorWell. This move fit with GatorWell’s desire and need to enhance interpersonal violence prevention efforts and has allowed the STRIVE Program H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A