History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 71

71 Department’s distinct identity and to solidify its staff as the leaders in college health promotion. In 2006, Emmerée’s preference to serve as a health educator rather than an administrator led her to step down from the Director position to a health promotion specialist position. Oge served as the Interim Director for several months before leaving to take a job at another institution. In late 2006, Fisher also left her position. In lieu of these staff changes, Valerie Prince, a recent graduate with a B.S. in Health Science Education, was hired full-time in 2006 for one year to provide sexual health programming and to assist with the coordination of the GatorWell Health Hut Peer Education Program. Upon Oge leaving, Dr. Phil Barkley, the Director of the Student Health Care Center, served as the Interim Director of GatorWell until a successful search resulted in the hiring of Dr . Shirley Haberman in February 2007. In June 2007, Samantha Evans was hired to fill the role of providing comprehensive sexual health programming and also became the coordinator of the GatorWell Health Hut Program. Brede left her position in 2007, and Liz Lagasse (Registered Dietician) was hired part-time to work with Mena, Roth, and Kratina to meet the demand of nutrition counseling student appointments and nutrition and eating disorders outreach. Upon completion of his doctorate, Glassman left in August 2008 taking a position at another institution. In 2009, GatorWell Health Promotion Services was included in a larger restructuring and merger between Student Mental Health (also within the Student Health Care Center) and the Counseling Center (in the Division of Student Affairs). This merger resulted in both GatorWell and Student Mental Health being moved under the auspices of the Division of Student Affairs on July 1, 2009. The Student Health Care Center currently reports to the UF College of Medicine. Student Mental Health and the Counseling Center were merged into one department known as the Counseling and Wellness Center. GatorWell, now a separate department, and the newly merged Counseling and Wellness Center were moved into a new building at the edge of campus on Radio Road in Spring 2010. At the time of the merger, the Director of GatorWell was assigned to report to the Director of the Counseling and Wellness Center and to serve on the Division of Student Affairs Vice President’s Council. With GatorWell’s move to the Division of Student Affairs and considering the clinical nature and desired continuity of care and service to UF students, it was decided that the nutrition counseling services would remain at the Student Health Care Center. Depa rtment histor ies : Gatorwell H ealth promotion services