History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 67

67 GatorWell Health Promotion Services Since its inception in 1972, GatorWell Health Promotion Services (formerly the Health Education Department) has undergone significant growth in size and scope; an administrative move from the Student Health Care Center to the Division of Student Affairs; and a relocation from the Infirmary to the Counseling and Wellness Center. During the past 42 years, the full-time staff has grown from one to 11. In January 2016, the office will move to the Reitz Union. Despite these administrative and location changes, the department’s mission has remained the same: To educate, encourage, and empower UF students to make informed choices about their health and to create a culture of health at UF. Maggie Tucker, RN, MS, served as the first Health Educator on the UF campus, hired by Dr. Wilbur Coggins in 1972. Tucker joined the American College Health Association and formed the Student Health Advisory Council through the UF Student Health Service (now the Student Health Care Center). The Council was later renamed the Student Health Outreach Team (SHOT). Tucker reviewed other campus health education programs and then formally established the UF Health Education program which included working extensively with Student Government and conducting programs on campus four nights a week. Upon the Student Health Service being Joint Commission accredited, Tucker was tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the Quality Improvement Program. In addition to this task, Tucker continued to plan and implement Health Education programs and hired Jane Wood to assist. In the early 1980s, Sharon Knight was hired to coordinate supervision of the Health Education Department, and Tucker’s full-time responsibilities then shifted to coordinating the American Heart Association CPR Training Center. According to the 1982 - 1983 Annual Report, the Health Education Department was located under the UF Student Health Service with the focus of facilitating student attainment of optimal health and fostering the professional development of students pursuing careers in health education. Specifically, the Health Education Department goals included disseminating health-related information to UF students in a way that would encourage students to make Depa rtment histor ies : Gatorwell health promotion services