History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 65

65 In 2013, the Career Resource Center and Student Activities and Involvement were added to the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students supervisory responsibilities. Leadership L.W. Buchholz 1924 - 1929 (Buchholz was a Professor of Education who lived on campus to counsel freshmen.) Benjamin Tolbert 1927 - 1928 (Tolbert was an Assistant Professor of English and Freshmen Advisor.) Benjamin Tolbert 1928 – 1937 (Dean of Freshmen/Dean of Students) Robert Beaty 1937 – 1960 (At various times, Dean of Students and/or Dean of Men. From 1955 – 1960, Beaty was Dean of Student Personnel, a precursor title to the Vice President of Student Affairs title.) D e a n o f Wo m e n Marna Brady 1948 - 1966 Betty Cosby 1966 - 1969 Dean of Men Lester Hale 1957 - 1960 Frank Thompson Adams 1961 - 1969 D e a n f o r S t u d e n t D e v e l op m e n t Frank Thompson Adams 1969 - 1974 Depa rtment histor ies : dea n of students office