History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 47

47 exploration (values, interests, personalities, and skills); focusing on outreach and education for targeted populations (ex: 1st year students, diverse populations, graduate students, etc.); overseeing career planning for the office; managing the Career Ambassadors and front desk staff and facilitating staff training; and managing the CRC’s outreach plan (promotions, tabling, tracking and assessment). The Professional Development and Experience functional area’s responsibilities included managing the Center’s strategy and operations for students regarding professional development and experiences; developing and delivering programs to educate students on career readiness competencies and measures; overseeing industry education; and leading the Center’s efforts to enhance relationships for professional development and experience. The Employer Relations team’s new functional areas included the Employer Development area and the area of Experience and Recruitment Services. The Employer Development and Experience focus area was created to manage the Center’s strategy and operations for new and inactive employers to connect with the University for recruitment of students; to oversee the Center’s employer education functions and events; manage operations of Gators Hiring Gators, local incubator relations, etc.; and to le ad the Center’s efforts to enhance relationships for professional development and experience. The Recruitment Services area is responsible for managing the Center’s strategy and operations for recruitment and centralization of University recruitment areas; overseeing employer services such as job postings, interviews, career events, and information sessions; developing and delivering the Center’s virtual/online engagement and services for students and employers; and managing the Gator CareerLink system. N e w Loo k By 2014, the CRC was serving over 74,000 students annually on site and had outgrown its space. The Reitz Union expansion and renovation project had begun but did not include the Career Resource Center. However in October 2014, the UF Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF) Committee approved $5.1 million (up to $7 million) to be used toward the future renovation and expansion of the Career Resource Center. The initial project plan called for increasing the Center’s space from 15,900 to 22,900 square feet. The UF Board of Trustees and Depa rtment histor ies : C ar eer Resour ce Center