History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 46

46 being the world’s largest professional network and students coming into UF with established online identities, the career development team created programming to address these needs. Programming highlighting professional branding, online job searches, and developing a LinkedIn profile quickly became popular and relevant workshops for the millennial student. The CRC’s social media channels were also used as a significant form of communication promoting the Center’s events and other resources useful for students and alumni. The effort was recognized and Jobbrander.com named the CRC #12 in career services social media in 2013. C a r e e r R e a d i n e ss Due to economic changes over the course of the decade and the role of career services in connecting industry with the University, career services became a more prominent and vital entity on university campuses throughout the country. Many universities now considered career services to be critical to their missions and incorporated career-focused services, values and purpose into the institutional culture. Given the heightened emphasis on employment outcomes and accountability in higher education, the CRC revisited its approach to intentionally prepare students for the job market and strengthened efforts to connect with demands of industry. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released the top skills desired by employers: the ability to work in team structures; making decisions and solving problems; planning, organizing, and prioritizing work; selling and influencing others; and more. It was important for the Center to address career readiness to ensure students’ preparedness for post-graduation. In May 2014, Dr. White met with the Council of Associate Deans to begin the conversation of preparing UF students based on what employers desired. To ensure that the Center’s goals aligned with the external initiatives, Dr. White changed the office’s structure and focus areas in June 2014 to holistically meet the needs of UF students. The Career Development and Employer Relations team implemented new functional areas which included Career Exploration and Education; Professional Development and Experience; Employer Development and Experience; and Recruitment Services. The focus area for the Career Exploration and Education restructure was managing the Center’s strategy and operations for students regarding self- H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A