History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 45

45 Due to the initial success of the response rate, the University required survey participation as a component of the graduation application process beginning with the August 2011 graduation class. The survey results have proven to be extremely valuable as a method of telling the Gator Story and supporting increased inquiries regarding accountability measures to such entities as the Governor’s office, the Board of Trustees, and campus stakeholders. In 2013, the Center created the CRC Snapshot, an annual report for each college based on student usage and employer participation for each respective college. College deans and administrators were able to review data specifically about students enrolled in their college pertaining to career planning topics; job postings for their respective students in Gator CareerLink; salary ranges based on major; principal activities upon graduation; and more. The snapshots provided incredible metrics and helped to further build relationships with several faculty and staff in various colleges. Career Showcase 2015 #IAMSHOWCASE Photo Credits: UF Career Resource Center Meeting Students Where They Are With the advent and growth of social media and emerging technologies, the Center’s staff re-evaluated programming and marketing efforts. With LinkedIn Depa rtment histor ies : C ar eer Resour ce Center