History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 44

44 allowed for staff on both teams to have a cross section of influence on the Center’s goals. In addition, the liaison model was revised to better serve the colleges and strengthen relationships across campus. The focus on relationship building helped the center expand its reach while also providing a platform to communicate the value the center provides to the university. In 2013, the “Partner Program” was launched as a revenue enhancer for the Center. The program’s benefits were designed to help employers expand their brand on campus through innovative programming such as hosting customized workshops and serving on panels hosted by the CRC. Career Showcase, the center’s premiere career fair, saw record student attendance three semesters in a row. In Fall 2012, a record was set with 8,014 students and alumni attending. The record was quickly shattered in Spring 2013, with 8,610 students and alumni participating in the event. In Fall 2013, the fall attendance record was snapped with 8,058 attendees. The significant rise in student and alumni participation at Career Showcase transitioned to over 9,000 students interviewing for employment during the 2012-2013 academic year, which was a testament to increased hiring efforts by companies and organizations. Spring 2013, the CRC underwent a facelift to create a modern environment for students, employers and staff. Six monitors were added along the main corridor to display digital ads promoting the Center’s partners and events. Four monitors were added in the interview modules waiting area in 2013. Other facility updates included the library being reconfigured to add three additional offices; updating the Employer Resource Room with modern furniture and amenities; reupholstering the chairs that students use in the main corridor and library; and having the wall at the Center’s entrance painted a warm blue. Telling the Story In an era where big data is ever important to tell a story, the CRC in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Planning and Re search and the Registrar’s Office launched UF’s first graduation survey. The goal of the exit survey was to assess students’ educational and employment plans following graduation. The first survey was disseminated in April 2011 and was optional for students to complete. An impressive 50 percent of graduating seniors completed the inaugural survey. H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A