History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 42

42 day and placement programs; the creation of a credited course in career planning; increased career planning and counseling services; and the creation of a library of materials. By 1990, the Career Resource Center hosted 893 companies and conducted over 13,000 interviews under Mayberry’s leadership. After 39 years of service to UF, Maurice Mayberry retired as the Center’s director in 1991. Mayberry is remembered as a pioneer in the career services field. Upon his retirement, Mayberry was immediately granted Director Emeritus status by President John Lombardi. Dr. Wayne Wallace, became the Center’s second director in 39 years. The New Millennium Improving technologies was a departmental goal, and during the first few years of the new millennium, the office made significant upgrades to meet students’ needs in the digital age. NACElink, an online portal that offered three complimentary services (job listings, interview scheduling, and resume referral) was launched in 2002. NACElink was highly regarded as a tool that would revolutionize career services. UF was one of only 27 institutions in the country to participate in the launch of NACElink. Just a year following the launch, the CRC established Gator CareerLink, a customized version of the NACElink system. In that first year, over 8,300 jobs were posted in the system for UF students and alumni. The Annual Report was another effort where the Center took advantage of using technology to better communicate the Center’s message. After years of distributing printed versions, a “go green” initiative was supported with the publishing of the report. A modern, interactive format using Flash technology was used to display the Center’s annual data. This new version of presentation garnered recognition from career service centers around the country interested in duplicating the effort. During the new millennium, the breadth of the Center’s educational programming also expanded. The Sharpening My Interviewing to Lure Employment (S.M.I.L.E.) program was created in 2002 to actively engage students in the art of interviewing. An immediate success, nearly 250 students registered to attend just one of the sessions in the program. Another program, Building Relationships through Internship Development with Gainesville Employers (B.R.I.D.G.E.), an H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A