History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 27

27 a single day of school lost. There wasn’t a disruption that we couldn’t live with, and for that I’m thankful.” Hale timed his resignation as Vice President of Student Affairs to occur as President O’Connell retired. Hale resigned as Vice President in 1972 and retired from UF in 1973. He spent his last year at UF conducting a research project on counseling and academic advisement with a committee of 50 faculty, students, and administrators under the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Their charge was to lead the development of a personal and career counseling system. Hale was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1973 and devoted the rest of his career “in giving full-time to church work.” John M. “Jack” Kinzer served as Interim Vice President for Student Affairs until C. Arthur Sandeen arrived at UF in 1973. M i d - 1 9 7 0 s t o 1 9 9 0 : N e w Stu d e n t Aff a i r s C h a l l e n g e s and a Loss of Innocence Student Affairs staff continued ongoing education and support of student rights, affirmative action, and social justice initiatives. The mid-1970s to 1990 brought new challenges related to tight budget times as well as the need to focus on student alcohol education and crisis response to traumatic events on an unprecedented scale as UF affirmed its commitment to academic excellence. Student Affairs staff faced fiscal challenges that correlated with state and national economic downturns. The global oil crisis and national recession of the 1970s forced then President Robert Q. Marston to layoff faculty and staff and look to additional funding sources for UF other than state monies. UF Student sit-in outside UF President O’Connell’s office 1970 Photo Credit: UF Archives Digital Collection I ntr od uction