History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 23

23 student employment; to act as chairman of a committee for social functions and social life; to act as chairman of a committee on scholarship and loans; to advise with the Director and Board of Managers of the Florida Union in developing and administering a social, educational, and cultural program for the Union; to advise with fraternities and the IFC; to counsel students in their adjustment to university environment; to cooperate with university authorities in handling all misconduct of students; and to work with all boards and committees administering student activities.” In 1951, these departments reported to Wise: Union and Student Activities; Housing; Speech & Hearing; Psychological Services; Adapted & Corrective Exercises; Reading Lab & Clinic; University College (Lower Division); Dean of Women; Dean of Men including Loans & Scholarships; and Discipline. In 1955, Dr. Wise returned to Columbia University for a teaching position. Beaty told then President Reitz that he would not be an applicant for the Dean of Student Personnel position as he planned to retire in 1960. President Reitz’s response was that Beaty would be appointed Dean of Student Personnel and a search would begin for the Dean of Men position. Dr. Lester Hale was offered the Dean of Men position but was on a leave of absence from UF to teach at Ohio University and could not secure a release from that contract until 1956. Beaty served as both Dean of Student Personnel and Dean of Men from 195556. Hale had been employed at UF off and on since 1935. He had served UF as a professor of speech as well as professor of theater and was the founder/first director of the UF Speech & Hearing Clinic. He had also served as Acting Director of the Union from 1943-45 when Johnson died. Hale had a lifelong ambition to be in the ministry and a high interest in the welfare of people and working with people. Leaving academe for Student Affairs administration was enticing to him. As Dean of Men he worked with fraternities, residence halls, and counseling students. In 1960, Beaty retired as Dean of Student Personnel and Hale became Dean of Student Affairs, a title change made by President Reitz. U F R a c i a l ly I n t e g r at e s The Buckman Act (1905) specified that UF “shall admit no person other than white male students.” In 1920, S.D McGill, a Black attorney from Jacksonville wrote to UF expressing interest in a College of Law extension course. He was referred to Florida A&M University. In 1949 Virgil Hawkins and William T. Lewis were denied admission to the UF Law School. Several suits were then filed seeking I ntr od uction