History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 18

18 Today, the B.A. Tolbert Memorial Fund is one of the UF emergency short-term loans administered by Student Financial Affairs. From 1928 – 1960, financial aid was one of Beaty’s specific duties. In fact, in his memoirs Beaty stated that his greatest contribution at UF was helping students to finance college. Beaty taught sociology classes in addition to his UF Student YMCA and Assistant Dean of Students duties. Summer 1934 and Summer 1935, Beaty worked on his advanced degree in sociology at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. His goal was to become a sociology professor as he felt there was no opportunity for advancement at UF from his Assistant Dean of Students position. In 193536, President Tigert granted Beaty a leave of absence to become the National Youth Administration (NYA) Director for Florida. The NYA was a Depressionera agency that provided work and education for 16 to 25 year-olds as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). According to Beaty, “thousands of young people were salvaged for society by the NYA work program. High school students were able to attend school who otherwise would have been denied this privilege. Over 3,000 students at UF alone went through school on NYA work scholarships.” Beaty returned to UF in 1936 but continued supporting NYA activities as “elected permanent chair” in Florida until 1943 when the NYA closed at the outbreak of WWII. Summer 1937, Beaty’s plan was to return to UNC-Chapel Hill through the 1937-38 academic year to complete his doctorate degree; however, in mid-July, Dean of Students Tolbert suffered a fatal heart attack. By this time, Beaty had completed the coursework and gathered material for his dissertation. When he returned to Gainesville for Tolbert’s funeral, he spoke to President Tigert about completing his sociology degree and returning to UF as a sociology professor. Beaty had been promised the sociology department chair position in two years after the current department chair retired. President Tigert convinced Beaty to accept the Dean of Students position on an acting basis for one year. Beaty continued his employment in various Student Affairs positions until 1960. According to Beaty Towers building dedication materials from 1967, Beaty personally knew and assisted thousands of UF students and was popular with students, faculty, staff, and administrators. He initiated the publication of the original F Book in 1925. When Beaty retired, he was asked to lead the annual loyalty campaign for the Alumni Association. He continued this commitment on a year-to-year basis through 1964. H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A