History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 16

16 and housing accommodations; and organizing social and recreational activities. President Tigert also had concerns about the UF Student YMCA’s relationship with UF. He felt that it was illegal for the state to subsidize a sectarian organization on a state college campus. According to Beaty, President Tigert’s view of the UF Student YMCA was also influenced by his previous experience overseas as a YMCA Secretary with the American Expeditionary Forces. According to Beaty, during WWI President Tigert “found himself in disagreement with the operation of some of the YMCA personnel.” In addition to running YMCA operations in large cities and Student YMCA operations on college campuses, the YMCA had provided morale and welfare services to U.S. soldiers since the Civil War. During WWI, this included providing canteens and “huts” for recreation and religious services and raising more than $235 million for relief work. The WWI YMCA canteens were the precursor for the United Service Organizations (USO). By 1941, the YMCA with five other national voluntary organizations founded the USO. The other organizations were the Salvation Army, the Young Women’s Christian Association, the National Catholic Community Services, the National Travelers Aid Association, and the National Jewish Welfare Board. There was no further explanation of President Tigert’s personal views about the YMCA. In 1928, Tolbert approached then UF Student YMCA Associate General Secretary Beaty to offer him a new position, UF Assistant Dean of Students. President Tigert reinforced Tolbert’s offer to Beaty by sharing pending changes he had in mind for the UF Student YMCA. UF Student YMCA General Secretary Johnson encouraged Beaty to take the UF position as he was not certain of the future of the Student YMCA on the UF campus. Beaty accepted the Assistant Dean of Students position and continued his YMCA Associate General Secretary duties during a transition period. President Tigert skirted concerns about UF’s relationship with the UF Student YMCA by creating a new UF department ­— Bible Instruction — and hiring then UF Student YMCA General Secretary Johnson as the UF faculty member in charge of religious activities including religion courses and courses in the Bible. During the transition that ended the Student YMCA role at UF, Johnson’s various titles were Student YMCA General Secretary, Student YMCA General Secretary, and Professor of the Bible, Acting Director of the Union, and Director of Religious Studies. By 1940, Beaty spoke of “one religion professor (Johnson) for 2,989 students who also acts as General Secretary of the Student YMCA.” Johnson died in 1943; there is no mention of a UF Student YMCA General Secretary after this date. H i st o ry o f t h e U F D S A