History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 113

113 space allocation and budget process and provides annual statistical information related to services provided to justify the ongoing need for the program. Administratively, SLS staff reported through the Dean of Students Office until a reorganization of the Division of Student Affairs in 2008. The office is now under the supervision of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. To d ay Student Legal Services is staffed by four licensed attorneys and provides students a full range of typical legal services including advice and consultation; drafting of letters and legal documents; conferences and settlement negotiations with adverse parties; legal research, review and interpretation of legal documents; drafting and filing of legal documents; and some representation in court. Notary services are also available. Court representation is limited to Alachua County and provided for uncontested or step-parent adoptions; uncontested dissolution of marriage without children or real property; landlord-tenant cases; name changes; and the sealing or expunction of criminal records. Advice and assistance is provided for consumer matters such as defective products and services, warranties, contracts, credit, identify theft; property damage; insurance; traffic citations; criminal traffic; criminal charges; preparation of affidavits; powers of attorney; and living wills. Preventing legal problems through education is a primary goal of Student Legal Services. Staff educates students on their legal rights and responsibilities through lectures, workshops, presentations, and the distribution of information and materials on a variety of legal issues. All full-time UF students are eligible for free legal services. Student Legal Services cannot provide assistance with claims involving UF, the State of Florida, or any of its agencies; disputes between UF students; matters the attorney believes to be clearly frivolous, without merit, or would otherwise violate the rules regulating the Florida Bar; or disputes in which the amount in controversy is under $150.00 or exceeds $15,000. Student Legal Services offers internships, volunteer experience, and employment opportunities for students interested in careers in the legal profession. Depa rtment histor ies : student Legal services