History of the UF Division of Student Affairs - Page 106

106 Student Activities and Involvement The Office of Student Activities and Involvement has a long history of student engagement and involvement. Bill Cross served as the Assistant Director of the Union and Director of Student Activities from 1967-1987. During his tenure, student organizations including Student Government and Florida Blue Key operated without much oversight from UF. Greek Life reported to the Office of Student Services (now the Dean of Students) and all of the programs in the Union were managed by the Reitz Union Program Office without much student input or involvement. Dave Kratzer became the Union Director in 1986 and directed the Program Office to develop student groups that would provide programming in the Union. Laurie Woodward served from 1986 to 1990 to provide leadership in this endeavor. Bill Cross retired in 1987, and Myra Morgan was named the Director of Student Activities. The first group that was organized in 1986 was the Reitz Union Program Council (RUPC). This group included Entertainment, Film, News, and Views, Orange and Brew programming and GORP (which later became TRiP), Arts, Special Events, and Hospitality. In 1989, a Publicity Committee was created, and UF College Bowl Team, a function of the Union since 1952, joined the Program Office. In addition to RUPC, the Office of Student Activities also included the Arts and Crafts Center, Spinal Tech, GIVE, and the advising functions for Homecoming/ Gator Growl, Student Government Productions, and Accent. In 1990, community service became an integral part of the Office of Student Activities. Through GIVE (Gators Involvement in Volunteer Endeavors) students had the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service. The previous service group SAMSON had been dormant for many years. In 1996, Lohse Beeland was named Director of Student Activities. Over time, the Office of Student Activities grew to include RUPC, College Bowl, TRiP, Spinal Tech, Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB), Leisure Courses, the gallery, the Arts & Crafts Center, student organization registration and advisement, and campus permitting. The Program Office and the Office of Student Activities received the H i s t o r y o f t h e UF D S A