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Each learning team will prepare a 10- to 15 slide presentation with appropriate presenter’s notes that focuses on one of the following topics: 1. Why is constitutional? 2. nationalized control of health care (Obama care) Gun control or Gun Rights? 3. Is homosexuality protected by the Equal Protection Clause like ethnicity or gender? 4. Is it racial profiling for a police officer to demand proof of citizenship? (SB1070) 5. Can the police, without a warrant, put a secret GPS device on the bottom of someone's car and track him 24/7 for a month? 1. Each presentation will describe and cite the related Constitutional amendment. 2. Each presentation should summarize the constitutional rights related to the chosen topic. 3. The presentation will include arguments for and against. What is each group member’s opinion (with a reason)? 4. Follow the 5-5-1 rule 5. Include one video, of not more than 2 minutes in the presentation. 6. Cite at least ONE related landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases in the presentation