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See: The First Amendment Center ● Choose an issue from the list or from the web site. ● Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word essay in which you discuss at least one significant case related to one of the five provisions of the First Amendment. Some possible questions: 1. How does a free a free press protect the people from an abusive government? 2. Is an official state language a violation of free speech? 3. How is pornography protected as free expression? 4. Should a school reflect the religious values of the community? 5. How has freedom of assembly advanced other civil liberties? 6. Should the First Amendment be limited during wartime? 7. To what degree do students have First Amendment rights while at school? 8. How does the Court define the occasional conflict between the Establishment and the Free Exercise clauses? 9. What’s more important, a community’s right to be informed by the press during and important trial, or the individual’s right to a fair trial and due process? 10. How should copyrights be protected in the Digital Age? Describe one current First Amendment issue, connect the issue to at least one Landmark Supreme Court case and describe the significance of the issue and impact on society of the Court’s decision.