Hinterlander November / December 2016 - Page 8

 FOCUS ON 20 Questions with… Zoey Koopman 1. WHAT DO YOU DO AT HINTERLAND AND HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IT FOR? I have been with Hinterland since September 2016 and I am a graphic designer. I am currently responsible for the marketing material for all Hinterland promotions and events which includes pamphlets, invitations, posters, advertisements etc. 2. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB AND WHAT IS THE WORST? BEST: Feeling proud of creating something that can be seen by everyone. WORST: My OCD tendencies and getting everyone to understand the meaning of the word “deadline”. 3. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Cape Town. 4. WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE TO GO ON HOLIDAY? No specific destination, as long it’s with people I love… 5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD? Anything pasta. 6. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT? Wardrobe malfunction at work. 7. IF YOU WERE PRESIDENT FOR A DAY WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE OR INTRODUCE? I would remind the nation of leaders like Mandela and Gandhi who taught about peace and love for each other… or just have some people locked up, it all depends on how many deadlines I have on the day. 8. WHO IS YOUR SECRET CELEBRITY CRUSH? Dave & James Franco. 9. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: DOGS ARE BETTER THAN MEN BECAUSE… They always want to snuggle and they don’t talk back. 10. IF YOUR HOUSE WAS ON FIRE WHAT WOULD YOU SAVE FIRST? My dogs Jack & Rusty… if I have time I would go back for Lee. 11. IF THE OFFICE WAS ON FIRE WHAT WOULD YOU SAVE FIRST? The Apple laptop! I’ll try to take the awesome big screen if I remember the code for the lock because someone will definitely take it and claim it was destroyed in the fire…I see the screen envy people. 12. WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE AS A DINNER GUEST: NATHANIEL, NELSON MANDELA, EVITA BEZUIDENHOUT OR DAAN BRONK- HORST? I don’t want to get fired already…lol…so the boss Daan Bronkhorst. I would like him to know what I do and if he thinks I’m doing a good job. 13. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? Black. 14. HINTERLAND WOULD BE A BETTER COMPANY IF… We get to work half-days on Friday. 15. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU’D DO IF YOU WON THE LOTTO? Buy a motorcycle with matching biker gear and ride like the wind. I will come back to work eventually, maybe... 16. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME? All the Rocky movies…I have Rocky marathons and dream of being a boxer. 17. ONE THING YOUR PARTNER DOES NOT KNOW YOU DO AT WORK IS… Talk about him. 18. RED OR WHITE, SCOTCH OR BRANDY, BEER OR CIDER? I have been converted into a white wine lady… end of story. 19. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE BAND OR MU- SICIAN? Rihanna. 20. BIKINI OR FULL COSTUME? My bikini body is currently under construction so I will need the assistance of a full cos­ tume. Rome wasn’t built in a day! AFGRI Town&Country, FarmCity en Senwes Village is handelsmerke van Hinterland AFGRI Town&Country, FarmCity and Senwes Village are trademarks of Hinterland