Hinterlander April / May 2017

H interlander APRIL MEI 2017 KWARTAALNUUS UITGAWE 2 INSIDE: 3 Retail tales 4 Etiese notas Rediscover what matters – with Hinterland ticipants also had time to bond with their colleagues during team building activities as well as enjoying the entertainment of popular musician Jay. “As a retail business we are custom- er-focused and the new trends all point towards a more customised approach which makes the customer feel even more special. Which is why our customer’s needs have to be our number one passion,” said MD Daan Bronkhorst. “The conference environment is perfect for igniting passion and focus, while at the same time strengthening our bond as a united team.” Several delegates shared their experience of the conference. E arlier this year, on 7 and 8 February, Hinterland’s depart- mental heads got together at Stonehenge in Parys for a conference which was themed – Rediscover What Matters. As you all know, this is also our new logo pay-off line which encapsulates the combination of platteland hospitali­ ty and efficient service. The conference sub-heading was “My passion… my customer’s needs,” and delegates were treated to presentations on effective client service in the new agri-retail climate. Par- 6 Nuus van ons takke Yvonne Gagiano, Branch Manager at Kroonstad said: “It was an incredible experience for me to see how we can work together as a team and have fun doing so. I also learned some valuable lessons and techniques as to how to get your team behind you to achieve your goals.” Schweizer Reneke Store Manager, Arlene Barkuizen, said her take-away from the conference was that “it is important to make customer service a matter of para- mount importance. And not just a once- off - it has to be a constant approach. You can never satisfy a customer 100%, but the way you deal with them can make them feel special and turn them into a customer for life,” said Arlene. “I learned that satisfied clients are the most import- ant asset of a business that is completely dependent on cuctomers and it is not the other way around.” Louise Theunissen, General Clerk at head office, had one suggestion to make the conference better. “It was an awesome experience. However, I wish everyone wore name tags so we could interact more freely with our colleagues. It was great to experience management’s open door policy and to learn that even your colleagues are your customers and to approach them with the same passion and respect. In the context of the theme of the conference it was important to be reminded not to judge a book by its cover when dealing with customers.” Amanda van den Berg, Product Manager Assistant at head office, said the conference was very insightful for her. “I discovered that my understanding of what actually happens at the branches is not the reality of what they experience. They experience a lot more pressure, precisely because they work directly with the cus- tomer. I have to make sure that I forward the correct information to the branches and make sure that the information on the system is current and correct. It was also wonderful to put faces to the voices you interact with daily at the branches.” Hantie Wolmerans, Warehouse Manager at Ottosdal, said the conference was fun and insightful. “I learned that the competition out there is getting stronger and they do not stand still. We should be fully active in the area where we fit into the bigger picture of the business so that we all play our part in achieving success.” AFGRI Town&Country, FarmCity en Senwes Village is handelsmerke van Hinterland AFGRI Town&Country, FarmCity and Senwes Village are trademarks of Hinterland