Hinterlander April / May 2017 - Page 8

FOCUS ON Willem Meyer 1. What do you do at Hinterland? 9. Who is your celebrity crush? I am a jack of all trades. From sales to ordering, from managing to saving the day to keeping our beloved cus- tomers happy at the Carolina branch! 2. What’s the best and the worst about your job? The best thing about my job is that there is always a new challenge and new people to meet. The worst thing is not being able to leave work early. 10. Complete the sentence… women would be even better if they… Right here in misty Carolina. 4. Your dream holiday destination if money wasn’t an issue? I’d say that Europe would be my choice, from the Mediterranean Ocean on a cruise liner to the seclu­ ded corners of Sweden to play in the snow. 5. What is your favourite food? A great tasting spare rib always wins my heart. Christopher Columbus. I would ask him what made him such a success- ful discoverer and where he got the guts to take on such a big adventure not knowing whether he would ever return home. 7. You are ruler of the universe for a day. What would you change? There is no way that I would leave this green eden for a desolate and deserted far-off world. I’d come back faster than I went, missing this spectacular world. I would be running my own business. 20. You are sentenced to a year on a deserted island and can take only two things... A drill rig and some seeds… If we had an entertainment or social area for lunch times. Continuously stepping on my prom date’s toes on the dance floor. 19. If you were not doing the job you’re doing now, what would you rather be doing? 13. Hinterland would be a better company if… 8. Elon Musk called you up inviting you to be part of a human colony on Mars, would you go? Create water from thin air by com- bining oxygen and hydrogen and distribute it to the count éمɥ)ѱ̸) 䁄ххЁ䁽ݸ)̸ͥ(ظ$eȁЁɅͥ) ѡݽɱͼѡ)ٕ役ݽձٔ՝($(ȸ$]ӊéѡЁѡ׊e)ԁݽѡѼ(и$IȁݡєMэȁɅ)ȁȁ($($5䁵ЁɅ䁥ȁɽ՝)ɕϊ)ɕݥѠٕ́ѡ(ĸ$]ѽɥɔݽձ)ѼٔȁݥѠݡ)ݽձԁͬȁͅѼ(̸$]ɔݕɔԁɸ($))ȁ1ɕ) Ʌ䰁ѕ䁉Ʌ(Ը$eȁٽɥєȁͥ)UѕAեи(ظ$]ӊéȁٽɥє)٥ѥ($)A̸͕$͔ѡ)٥͔ѕ)܁ȁݔݔݥ)݅́хݔѡ)ݽ́ѡ1=I(ܸ$ ɽ́͗($)%Ё́ѡեЁݥѠɅ)I$Qݸ չ䰁ɵ 䁕Mݕ́Ý͵ɭم!ѕɱ)I$Qݸ չ䰁ɵ 䁅Mݕ́YɔɅɭ́!ѕɱ