Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 41

PROFIS DESIGN SOFTWARE SUITE Simple, easy to use and accurate • PROFIS Anchor A downloadable software solution that lets you perform anchor design with Hilti’s post installed mechanical or adhesive anchors, as well as generic cast in place anchors in accordance with the latest North American model building codes. • PROFIS Anchor Channel Provides the best features to quickly model and design embeds for a variety of geometries, base material and loading conditions. It is the industry leader in anchor channel design providing the user a simple and intuitive way to apply design consideration capabilities for seismic scenarios. • PROFIS Rebar A simple online tool that enables Engineers and Designers to model post installed reinforcing bar equivalent to cast in place reinforcing bar. • PROFIS DF Diaphragm Simplifies steel roof deck and floor deck design while giving designers and specifiers performance and optimum cost efficiency. The downloadable software lets you design and calculate diaphragm strength, flexibility and resistance using puddle welds, Hilti powder-actuated fasteners and screw fasteners in a simple and intuitive way. • PROFIS Installation A unique software innovation for support structures with Hilti’s innovative modular systems focusing on industrial and light applications. You can design and get structural analysis of supports and 3D structures built using Hilti installation systems plus a selection of the appropriate Hilti products. we want to hear from you