Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 35

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH HILTI CONNECT? HOW DOES IT WORK? There are three things make up the whole Hilti Connect experience. The app, the NFC tag, and the Hilti Cloud. Once logged into the app with your Hilti Online login credentials, you can search for the tool you want by serial number or by scanning the NFC tag. After scanning a tool, the app links to the Hilti Cloud and pulls in all the data and documents for that tool. Hilti Connect gives you access to operators manuals, OSHA silica dust documents, how to videos and instructions. It shows you related products when you are looking for a replacement blade, bit, or chisel. Hilti Connect also connects via Blue-tooth to some of our powder and battery actuated tools to display usage information such as how many shots you have done, and when it needs to be sent in for repair or maintenance, as well as the last seen location. Hilti Connect can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store, or the App Store right to your smart phone. we want to hear from you