Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 34

HILTI CONNECT Hassle-free tool services at your fingertips. Dealing with tool repairs on a jobsite is a hassle, and finding answers to the questions you have is never easy. Is this tool under warranty? How many times has it been repaired? How much money has been spent on this tool? Should it be repaired or replaced? Hilti Connect can help you answer all those questions. See all the benefits of Hilti Connect Hear about how easy it is to use the Hilti Connect WHAT IS HILTI CONNECT? HOW DO I KNOW IF MY TOOL IS NFC ENABLED? Hilti Connect is a new phone app that allows you to identify your tool with NFC technology, find detailed tool information such as warranty and fleet expiration dates, and see how many times a tool has been repaired. The app also allows you to submit your tools for repair right from your smartphone. Any Hilti tool that is NFC enabled will have a “Connected” symbol on the rating plate of the tool. Place your phone in that location and it will read the NFC tag and take you to the Hilti Connect App.