Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 3

Cable Termination Knockout Tool NPU 100-A22 Aluminum and copper cable cutter NCT 53 A-22 Universal Tool NUN 54-A22, Cutting Jaws NCT J CU AL, and Crimping Jaws NCR J SU Dieless Crimper NCR 60-A22 Data Communications Battery-actuated fastening tool BX 3-ME Firestop cable collar CFS-CC Firestop cable disc CFS-D 1” Firestop block CFS-BL Stainless steel firestop composite sheet Creating Cable Pathways Firestop speed sleeve CP 653 BA Firestop sleeve kit CFS-SL SK Firestop gangplate CFS-SL GP Firestop retrofit sleeve kit CFS-SL RK Firestop services & software Suspended Lighting Cast-in anchors KWIK cast KCM Battery-actuated fastening tool BX 3-ME Electrical ceiling clip X-ECC MX Ceiling hanger X-CC MX 12GA Threaded rod hanger X-EHS W MX Screw anchor KWIK HUS-EZ I & EZ E Powder-actuated tool DX 351 ME and ceiling hanger X-HS W U Innovation Cordless band saw SB 4-A22 Advanced compact battery B22/3.0 Universal vacuum cleaners VC 150-10 X, VC 150-6 X and VC 150-6 XE Cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A22 Cordless hammer drill/driver SF 6H-A22 ATC