Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 20

CREATING CABLE PATHWAYS Electrical Satisfy current specification requirements for metallic sleeved cable pathways with these quick and easy- to-install devices that give you​ ​repenetration options for future cable capacity. Our pathway options are intuitive solutions for properly firestopping penetrations for single cables and cable​ ​bundles through small- to medium-sized openings in walls, ceilings and floors. Learn more about Firestop for Cable Management Firestop sleeve kit CFS-SL SK FIRESTOP SPEED SLEEVE CP 653 BA Our speed sleeve provides quick and easy firestopping for single and bundled cables. With just a twist, the device is re-penetrable and offers optimal smoke migration performance. Suitable for small to medium- sized openings in walls, ceilings and floors, the speed sleeve can be used in concrete, masonry and drywall. View video we want to hear from you The sleeve kit is re-penetrable and ideal for single cables and cable bundles for small to medium- sized openings in walls, ceilings and floors. When you need fast, easy firestop installation for cable penetrations requiring a sleeve opening, the CFS-SL SK is a great choice.