Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 18

DATA COMMUNICATIONS Electrical Data communications installations require various types of cable pathways for equipment and systems. Whether your project includes data/ voice communications, HVAC controls, security surveillance, audio/video, or fire alarms, we have the tools, fasteners, and fire protection products to effectively tackle your data communications jobs. Learn more about Firestop for Cable Management Firestop ca CFS-CC BATTERY-ACTUATED FASTENING TOOL BX 3-ME The BX 3-ME is the world’s first battery-powered direct fastening tool for concrete and steel. It represents a whole new approach to electrical applications, because it’s the only direct fastening tool that does not require a combustible propellant. View video we want to hear from you Fastening cables is quick and easy with the right electrical fastener and the BX 3 tool. The firestop ca the industry’s o mounted solut bundles up to and up to 100% with existing a runs, this pre-c formed collar d sealant and ne