Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 12

FASTENING CONDUIT AND ELECTRICAL BOXES Electrical Fastening conduit and electrical boxes takes a wide range of tools and multiple fastening points. Now you can attach electrical elements with ease and efficiency with our direct fastening tools and our line of high quality pins and mechanical anchors. Electrical fasteners: Conduit clip X-EMTC MX Stand-off clamp X-EMTSC MX BATTERY-ACTUATED FASTENING TOOL BX 3-ME The BX 3-ME is the world’s first battery-powered direct fastening tool for concrete and steel. It represents a whole new approach to electrical applications, because it’s the only direct fastening tool that does not require a combustible propellant. View video we want to hear from you Conduit clips are ideal for making rapid fastenings to concrete, hollow block, and steel when using tools with single fasteners or collated nail magazines. Setting too drill bit com and flush a Our setting too drill bit are des setting flush an With one tool f setting, now yo your flush anch as much time c hammering. View video