Hilti Trade Catalog US Electrical Winter 2018 - Page 10

CABLE TRAYS Electrical When suspending cable trays you often need multiple fastening points to support the weight of the run. We offer reliable solutions with innovative anchors, tools, and firestop to seal large openings. CAST-IN ANCHORS KWIK CAST KCM We designed our best-in-class Hilti Cast-in anchor KCM-WF with one goal in mind: to make every problem associated with pre-cast anchoring a thing of the past. The KCM-WF features a versatile, multi-thread design to accommodate a variety of rod diameters, a reliable attachment system to make sure the head stays in place and right where you put it when the concrete starts flowing and a tough foam exterior that shrugs off flowing concrete, keeping it out of the threads. Compatibility with our back-saving KCS- WF-ST setting tool means you can set the KCM-WF anchor quickly and easily from a standing position or when reaching through rebar. It comes in a variety of plastic body and foam plug color options to color code and easily identify specific runs, helping you avoid costly mistakes and saving hours of time, effort and expense on the jobsite. SCREW ANCHORS KWIK HUS-EZ I & EZ E Kwik HUS-EZ I and EZ E screw anchors are the ultimate solution for post-install anchoring jobs. There is less drilling required, no hammering necessary, and easier overhead installation compared to traditional methods. All this convenience also comes with extensive approvals - including for seismic applications. Watch video we want to hear from you Cordless r hammer TE with option removal sy Our TE 4-A22 i repetitive drillin and masonry f to 1/2”. With its capacity, the T more holes pe than other cord hammers in thi optional onboa system signific the dust create helping to impr comfort and sa jobsite cleanu