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ACCURATE, RELIABLE AND EASY TO USE Hilti Measuring Systems PR 300-HV2S dual grade rotating laser • Digital slope entry in two planes, automatic slope check with unique Automatic E-Targeting function make all grading applications a one-person operation • With the PRA 300 – a remote control / laser receiver – the rotating laser is an easy-to-use, reliable system for a host of grading, levelling, aligning, sloping and squaring tasks • System monitors and corrects the vertical laser plane at regular intervals for most reliable performance PR 30-HVS-A12 rotating laser • Accurate and reliable levelling, aligning and squaring tasks, all performed by one person with remote control • Fast, automatic laser alignment at up to 150 m performed by one person thanks to Auto Alignment System • Surveillance mode checks and corrects the laser plane for consistently reliable performance • Digital slope entry and E-targeting for easy grading tasks • Shock-absorbing handles and rugged housing PR 2-HS-A12 rotating laser • One button, single function makes the tool extremely easy to use • Unaffected by sun and light thanks to Pulse Power technology • Digital measurement indicates precisely how much the measurement deviates from the target value • Shock-absorbing handles and rugged housing PM 40-MG multi-line green laser • Easy and fast aligning - rotating platform with improved fine adjustment • All the lines you need - 4 vertical and a 360° horizontal lines, bottom plumbing point • Green beam - 4 times more visible than red PD-CS Wi-Fi-enabled laser measurer • Position the laser point outdoors easily with camera targeting • Save thousands of measuring results with 8 GB built-in memory • Touch, tap, and swipe on user-friendly Android touchscreen menus • Document and export accurate measurements clearly onto photos and spreadsheets over Wi-Fi connection MOBILE AND HIGH PERFORMING Hilti 22V Cordless Systems TE 4-A22 cordless rotary hammer drill • Repetitive drilling in all directions in concrete and masonry, optimal range 5 – 12 mm • First class performance to weight ratio • High battery capacity – more holes per charge • Hammering mechanism specifically designed for superior drilling performance Dust control on TE 4-A22 rotary hammer drill • Tool can be fitted with TE DRS-4-A vacuum system for convenient dust collection • Built-in motor ensures 100% suction power from the beginning TE 6-A22 cordless rotary hammer drill • Repetitive drilling in concrete and masonry, optimal range 5 – 16 mm • Light chiselling function available • Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) makes the tool less tiring to use and increases daily productivity SIW 6AT-A22 cordless impact wrench • Features brushless motor for long lifetime and more work per charge • Compact design for easy access in tight corners and small spaces • Shown here with add on SI-AT module to deliver consistent fastening torque for HST3 mechanical anchor SIW 22T-A ½” / SIW 22T-A ¾” cordless impact wrench • Assemble steel profiles, timber or pre-cast concrete components • ½” squa re drive with heavy-duty ball-notch retention for security and quick socket changing (½” model) • ¾” square drive with through-hole for solid and secure socket retention (¾” model) SID 4-A22 cordless impact driver • Compact design for easy access in tight corners and small spaces • Perfect balance and light weight Build your own 22V kit