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THE CLEVER ALTERNATIVE TO OWNERSHIP We manage your tools so you can manage your business Hilti Fleet Management Avoid the hidden costs of owning power tools CONTROL YOUR COSTS Most contractors only think of tools in terms of purchase price. But have you considered the hidden costs associated with owning power tools? Fixed monthly cost • A low monthly usage fee replaces a large upfront cash investment to tool up • Predictable costs, every month They may be below the surface but they are very real and add up quickly. With Hilti Fleet Management there is no upfront investment to tool-up for a job. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly charge that covers all tool, service and repair costs. This greatly simplifies your financial planning and takes a load of administrative work off your shoulders. Here’s what some of our Fleet Management customers have to say: Theft coverage • 80% of losses covered in the event of a theft • Simply report the tool stolen with a police report. We’ll take care of the rest CUT ADMINISTRATION Streamlined processes • No more repair quotes – high quality tool repairs returned fast • Quick and easy order process to add tools to your fleet • 1 monthly invoice NO MORE DOWNTIME Tool upgrades and accidental damage cover • Use our tools to get the job done, then trade up to the latest technology at the end of the term • Minimise downtime with a constant fleet of peak performing tools • Accidental damage cover on most fleet tools to further reduce operational risk “With Fleet Management you know the tools are going to be there when you need them” Trent Leen, Director Demolition company “Fleet Management gave me more time on site and less worrying about tools” Norm Touma, Director Plumbing contractor Loan tools • In the event of a tool repair we can arrange a loan tool from a designated Kennards Hire branch. Call us on 131 292 and we’ll do the rest. “We don’t have to worry about (services and repairs). It’s effortless” Richard Tat, National Operations Manager Warehouse racking installer For a free consultation to optimise your tool fleet, call 131 292 or visit www.hilti.com.au/fleet All inclusive repairs • No repair costs - ever • Unlimited battery replacements • Pistons and buffers included in direct fastening tools KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE Watch the video to see why construction professionals choose Fleet Management. Tool inventory and labelling • Use Fleet Management Online to track and assign your tools to a specific job, team or worker • A full tool fleet list helps avoid redundant purchases • Customised labels makes tracking tools easier Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details. How many tools don’t come back after a job? How many power tools do you have and where are they? How expensive is it to upgrade your tools to the latest technology? How often do you repair tools? How much does that cost you? How often do you lose a tool or have one stolen? If these questions are a concern for your business, then Hilti Fleet Management may be right for you.