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ANCHOR SOLUTIONS BUILT TO CODE DONE ONCE DONE RIGHT Hilti Anchor Systems Hilti Chemical and Firestop Systems VISIT WWW.HILTI.COM.AU / DOWNLOADS FOR FIRESTOP APPROVALS DOCUMENTATION CF 116 filling foam NCC COMPLIANCE • High quality metal valve prevents leakage and curing in the can • Innovative stop-and-go dispenser system for controlled dispensing and minimal wastage • Large trigger is easy to hold for fast dispensing • Fills gaps and cracks for reducing drafts, noise, vibration, air and water infiltration To ensure you comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), ask for the ETA documentation for the selected anchor. STRONGEST ANCHORS Our anchors are proven to provide the strongest solution for safety critical applications in concrete, fully backed by technical documentation, software and engineering services. WIDEST RANGE We offer a full suite of ETA assessed anchoring solutions, to suit every application from basic through to the most complex and challenging. CF 126 filling foam FAST, RELIABLE AND SAFE • Auto-cleaning with Hilti hollow drill bit • Dustless • NCC compliant and ETA approvals for the following systems: RE 100 RE 500 V3 HY 200 • R  oughen diamond cored holes for better bonding • Allows higher loads • NCC compliant and ETA approved for RE 500 V3 CP 606 flexible firestop sealant HY 170 Roughening tool Hollow drill bit HVU2 HST3 RE 500 V3 HSA HOT DIPPED GALVANISED Hilti provides NCC compliant mechanical anchor portfolio in hot dipped galvanised. TORQUE BAR This unique setting tool is fast, safe and ETA approved. HUS3 HSA SCREW ANCHORS HUS3 Fast No torque wrench High loads like stud anchors Adjustable Cuts through rebar • High expansion firestop mastic for sealing cable and pipe penetrations • Paintable • Silicone-free • Wide range of approvals HSA ETA APPROVED FOR DIAMOND CORED HOLES CFS-PL firestop plug Reliable and ETA approved for numerous permanent applications. • • • • • • Fire and acoustic rated for easy compliance • Smoke, fume and water resistant, ideal for use in healthcare projects • Good adherence without primer for fast and safe insta llation • Tested in accordance with Australian standards • Water-based acrylic, easy to clean with water and paintable CP 611A firestop intumescent sealant Hilti HDG anchors with ETA approval: HMU • High yield, up to 55 l • Self-extinguishing for higher safety • Innovative stop-and-go dispenser system for controlled dispensing and minimal wastage • Low build up pressure, ideal for window frame applications HSL 1) RE 500 V3 HST3 1) HY 200 HSA HVU2 1) Cored with DD EC-1 or DD 30-W tool • Easiest and fastest firestop system for sealing round holes in diameters 107 - 202 mm • Ideal for temporarily closing cored holes • Very easy maintenance and retrofitting of cables • Dust and fibre free, perfect for computer rooms, laboratories and hospitals