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MAXIMISE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Hilti Direct Fastening Systems Hilti Direct Fastening Systems DX 5 powder-actuated fastening system BX 3-A22 battery powered fastening tool DX 2 powder-actuated tool BX nail and washer system X-P MX high performance collated nail GX 3 gas-actuated fastening system X-C MX collated concrete nail Gas can and nails system • Highly versatile, fully automatic direct fastening tool can perform a wide variety of tasks • High fastening rate, perfect for fast, repetitive work • Blue tooth capability can track number of shots and alerts the user when cleaning is required which improves productivity • Easy to use and maintain • Extremely efficient fastening method, can perform over 1000 fixings per day • Fully mobile, minimal dust and less vibration and noise compared with drilling holes • Long conical nail tip designed for best drivability in tough concrete • Highest hardness (59 HRC) for best penetration in tough concrete or steel • Highest load performance on tough concrete • Best driving success and holding rate on tough concrete, for higher productivity ;& EFFICIENT AND PRODUCTIVE • General purpose concrete nail • Use for many applications when fastening to concrete e.g. timber, drywall track, sheet metal • 97mm single nail version available for bottom plate fixing with packing or thicker traditional formwork FRQFUHWH X-CF bottom track nail • Fasteners with a pre-assembled steel washer to securely fix bottom track • Long fasteners available to fix bottom track when installed with a packer • Ideal for fastening track for permanent formwork panels • Shoot through steel track into concrete • Shoot through plastic track into concrete using washer to spread the impact load • Uses 22 volt, 5.2 Ah battery to power 800 shots. Battery compatible with all Hilti 22 volt cordless tools • X-P B3 MX: Collated nails with ballistic point to ensure reliable fastening • X-WH B3: Magnetic washer head to shoot washers down over plastic • 36mm diameter, 0.6mm thick steel washer to shoot washers over plastic • Highly efficient, repetitive fastening – magazine holds 40 nails • Fully mobile system, no battery required • Wide range of nails available for fastening to various base materials • Drives 1,200 fasteners with a single gas can • Gas nails for all base materials • X-GN: Suitable for concrete, block and sand-lime stone • X-GHP: Steel and extremely hard concrete • X-EGN: Hard concrete, and pre-cast concrete • GC 42: Gas can drives a maximum of 1,200 fasteners GX 90-WF gas-actuated wood framer • Very efficient thanks to high performance Li-Ion battery and high magazine loading capacity • World class safety due to unique safety nosepiece which greatly reduces the risk of free-flying fasteners • Compatible with standard commercially-available consumables - 34 degree nail collation