Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 9

local life my OTHER LIFE: Anna Papoutsakis by Lorraine Clifford Anna Papoutsakis arrived in Vietnam several years ago almost ‘by accident’, but as soon as she got there she felt at home. Her planned volunteer program to Africa fell through at the last minute and Vietnam was the second choice. Anna currently teaches a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in Sydney. She finishes her Masters in Educational Leadership later this year. “I am really fortunate that I can visit several times a year to work with orphans and impoverished families,” says Anna. Anna comes from a strong line of workers and philanthropists. Her Greek grandmother was sent to Egypt when she was five to work as a housemaid for wealthy families. She sent her pay back to her family in Greece. Her grandmother taught Anna ‘to be kind to everyone’, and never judge a book by its cover. Anna’s mother lived in an orphanage in Egypt while her own mother worked, and also grew up with a ‘pay it forward’ outlook. “I was deeply influenced by these two women, and always wanted to work with children,” says Anna. Anna visited Vietnam several times before living there for a year. “That year was life-changing for me. I realised I couldn’t &vBFRw&w2'W@FBv2r&VFffW&V6RFFP6G&V( 2ƗfW2( 62( ĒV6FfRv&VBB7Fv&FR6RF&VR'vW2@B2V'Bv&֖rvF6rFR6G&VFWfVBw&rfW"FR( Ф2&6VBFW6G2bF'0f"66Vf&2&2&76W2@VGV6FgFW"GvVr&26Fǐ76VBvg&V2V6ǐVVFVBf66F&w&f FRFW"c6G&VFR'vR( FW6R6G&V&R6FW&7F6RFV"VvƗ6vFRBvRrgFW"F&&W0BFR'vRDR2DUTDTBwwrFWw26PvFFR6G&VB6&W7FW&B6BFRf"FvWFW"B6rFPFV7v֖rWBF"F'WFw2BFP6&WG2( ФvFfvW"BWr6rFV2R( F2vfW0FV6WFpFFƲ&W@FFRFW 6G&VvVFWvWB&6F66@W2FVfVV&R6VFVB( Ф6v&2vF f֖ƖW2&VFR&V2B2&v6V@FR7FFbvFW"77FV2@FWB&626R2&6VBgVG2FW&66R6w2vfrFRf֖ƖW2&P7W7F&RƗfrB6W&6Rb6R2V&RBFW6( B6VRW W'6Vb2FrFrWBbFP&F'6RF2FR6G&V@f֖ƖW26RV2FrBFVv&RFP&VW&W2( RbF22Vff'BB2'6WFR( 6֖W26F7BFWF2f"&SCp###rWG6tv6आW"&r2wwr֗7676&R&w7B6Rक55TR#BTR#r