Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 7

Brian Hoare Brian’s Variety Bash car. Two months later, on Christmas Eve, a second letter marked ‘Private & Confidential’ found its way to the Hoare mailbox, confirming that Brian would, indeed, be receiving an OAM. “The whole family that year had a wonderful Christmas; the OAM was the icing on the cake!”Brian recalls. Brian’s birthday in 2016 was also a very special day. “I received my OAM at Government House, on my birthday, surrounded by my family. I was so proud and thought life could not get much better than this,” Brian smiles. “I always think of this award as a joint one with Sue as she was the one who held the family and home together whilst I was out doing charity work.” Funds raised from the bashes support children across Australia. As well as school and sporting equipment for children in remote areas monies go towards things like helping children with disabilities compete in the Paralympics. According to Brian, bash teams have a great deal of fun on the road and it gives them the opportunity to experience tiny rural towns and stunning scenery that the average tourist misses. “Every year Sue and I go on a seven week outback touring holiday with a group of friends and we often return to some of the out of the way places that I had passed through on a Variety route,” Brian tells me. “The bashes also provide a great opportunity to catch up with old friends each year and make new like-minded ones.” The Hoares will soon be downsizing and entering the next chapter of their rich lives. I imagine that Brian will retain his Dural workshop where he is as happy as Larry getting his vehicles roadworthy for his next bash, which will never be far away. Inclusive communities The Hills Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 is part of Council’s efforts in promoting an inclusive community for all people including those with disability. The Plan sets out four priority focus areas including: Attitudes and behaviour: building community awareness of rights and abilities of people with disability.   Livable communities: increasing participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life. Employment: supporting and increasing workforce diversity through employment, training, volunteering and work experience. System and processes: communicating and accessing information, providing feedback, improving quality of service and staff training. Mayor of the Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane said Council was committed to ensuring that the services and facilities that it provides are as reasonably accessible to and appropriate for all people, including those with disability, as possible. “As the mother of a child with a disability, and as a board member of a national disabilities services provider, I am enormously proud of this Plan. Even the process of putting the Plan together had been enormously enriching, and I am heartened to see that the elements of inclusion and access are now fundamentally embedded within the DNA of each and every area and responsibility of Council,” Mayor Keane said. “We are committed to making The Sydney Hills a truly vibrant, inclusive and engaging community and that objective is at the heart of our Disability Inclusion Action Plan. “It lays out practical actions to address barriers faced by people with disability and how Council can facilitate services and facilities to overcome attitudes, restrictions and obstacles. “Inclusive communities have at their heart underlying principles that aim to make it easy to get around, give people with disability opportunities to take part in the diverse social and cultural life of our Shire and access meaningful employment, groups and activities. An inclusive Shire [Y]]\[ۙK'B0H[[H\[YH\X[]H[[[BZ[\\܈\X[]Y\Hۈ^B[X[\T H[STSS˚[]˘K]BBX] LX]]Z[XHH[YB܈[^ [YH\Y\Bۈ[XY[Y\[H \[’\H\]Z[XHۈXXY^\•HUSSR MH LLۜY\][H [܈ [][HYBXX˘K][[Z[8(][[Z[ K]BH[HH\ۜXH\XHو[Z[ [ [ܛ\ K]BTQH  SH M