Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 44

sport with Scott Lewis Do you avoid or severely limit the amount of cardio you perform during the week out of fear that it will “burn muscle” and interfere with your size and strength gains? After all, cardiovascular exercise eats away at your muscle tissue, decreases gym performance and is directly counterproductive to building a strong and muscular body, right? Well, not quite. Just like most bodybuilding and fitness topics, the answer here is not black and white, and it’s most certainly not an issue of cardio being either “good” or “bad” or that you should either perform a ton of cardio throughout the week or none whatsoever. Instead, the answer lies on a bell curve where performing some cardio is totally fine and will produce certain health and fitness benefits, but to where performing too much can begin having a negative impact on your muscle building progress if you aren’t careful. The Negative Effects of Performing Excessive Cardio Yes, cardio can certainly deliver a variety of valuable benefits when performed consistently, but going too far overboard is not a wise idea if you’re looking to build muscle and gain strength as effectively as possible. There are a few reasons why performing too much cardio is not a good thing: 1. It interferes with recovery in between weight training sessions. Remember, the work you perform in the gym is simply the “spark” that sets the muscle building process into motion. The real magic happens while you’re out of the gym eating and resting, as that’s the time when the muscles are being rebuilt larger and stronger in preparation for the next workout. When it all comes down to it, recovery is growth. This is why your cardio volume and frequency needs to be moderated, since every cardio session you perform is another overall stressor to the body that you’ll need to recover from. A moderate amount of cardio can improve muscle recovery when performed within certain limits (I’ll touch on this later), but there eventually comes a point of diminished returns to where the extra cardio begins working against you rather than for you. This is especially true of the higher intensity interval-based forms (or Hamish Rogers Realty goes from strength to strength Beth O’Brien with her daughter, Lucinda. Lucinda placed 6th in the Under 11’s rider class at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Hamish Rogers Realty is proud to announce the launch of its new office in Arcadia to bring the focus and dedication to the local areas of Dural, Kenthurst, Galston, Arcadia, Berrilee, Glenorie and Cattai. Hamish Rogers has been listing and selling the finest homes and properties in the Hills and Hawkesbury Districts since early 1992. Celebrating over 25 years of Real Estate experience it was the perfect time to grow the business and partner with Beth O’Brien to open the Arcadia Branch office. The Arcadia office Principal is Beth O’Brien and the results speak for themselves and the testimonials are a credit to the team “Thank you, Beth, for your endless patience and perseverance and being transparent and authentic, these are the things we value above all”. With over $1,650,000,000 in sales, Hamish Rogers Realty has broken many selling records and achieved record prices in the Hills to the Hawkesbury. The Arcadia office in less than 3 months 44 ISSUE 24 // JUNE 2017 of opening has sold over $12m+ in property and record sales achieved in Galston, Arcadia and Glenorie. Hamish and Beth have shared interests other than just real-estate, both share the love of horses. Hamish is interested in racing thoroughbreds and dressage, where he is a nationally accredited advanced judge. Judging takes him all over the countryside. Beth is the President of the local. Glenorie Pony Club, where both her young children ride and most recently her daughter Lucinda placed 6 th in the under 11’s rider class at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. When you entrust the marketing, and selling of your home, you can rest peacefully knowing honesty, experience and desire to succeed will bring a result far beyond your expectations. If you are interested in selling or buying call your local area expert Beth O’Brien on 8373 6637 or drop into 7 Perry Road, Arcadia. www.hamishrogers.com.au those with a heavy eccentric component such as running or body weight circuits) since these variations place the body under more overall stress and create more muscle damage in comparison to lower intensity variations like walking or slow cycling. And remember, it’s not just your muscles that are being placed under additional stress either; your joints and central nervous system are also impacted, and they require time and resources to properly recover as well. 2. It negatively affects weight training performance. Aside from the recovery aspect after weight training, performing too much cardio can also affect your actual weight training performance if it’s being done in close proximity to your workouts. For example, high intensity sprints or a long duration session on a stair stepper could reduce your strength during a leg workout, hitting a heavy bag might impact your performance on an upper body pushing workout or carrying out an intense rowing session could affect your upper body pulling strength. These are just a few examples of many. And if you’re doing things like body weight circuits, kettlebell workouts or barbell complexes as forms of cardio, these will stress your entire body as a whole and can easily drain some of your strength and energy for an upcoming weight training \[ۋB[[\ܝ[[\H[]Y\Z[[]\H[X[H\]H܂ܙ\]Hݙ\Y[۝[[\HY[ܙHZY[\Yݙ\[YK[]8&\H]8&\ܝXX[][H[^\[\H[H\[[H\\YZ[][\X^[][H[X[ ˈ]\Y][ۘ[[ܚY\ˈ\˜[؝[\HH[YXX[Y[\[\H] [][[H[[\[H[[\H܈H]\\\]]\[Y\Z\H]Z[[\۝ ]\\H\H[[[و\[]\YHY\و[[ܚY\Y]HYZ[XYBHX[؛[HY[H\[&]\B\[][܈]Y[\Y] Y[H[Z[]\H[Z[[\YX][H\XK[BYYHXZ[Z[[H][ܚYB\\HZ[[[ܙH[ܚY\[[H\H^H^K^\]H\[˜[YۚYX[HYXHH^Hو[\ݙ\[[ܚYH\\܈][[[Z[]B][]\X[\[0\Bۈ[\]\HZ[[ܙ\›܈][][[HHXZ[[BXXXHZ[][ H[Y]و\ܛZ[\[“ۛH\[Y[H]\[\[ۜY]HYZ8'[x'HHH]\BZ[[[[ ]]8&\Y][]x&YYHX[Y[[Z[Y\™܈Hݙ\[X[[]\[Y]š]ݚY\ˈ\YHHH؝[\X]\[\[ܚY\ [[[Hš[\ݙH]\[H][\H܂[X[HYXpH]Z[\[B[[\JK\H\HH]\\˜[[ۛH\\Y\Y\و[Y[B[\]H[[[و\[[[\[)K\[[[\ݙH]\BXݙ\H[]Y[ܚ]ˈ[B^\]H[[[و\[[]BH]HYXH[\Y[Xݙ\B[]Y[ZYZ[[\[ۜB[\]H[[[[H[YXX[[\\XK\\\X[\HYHو\[[]KXYH]H\[\[ۜX[H[ܙX\HB]\\[[ݙHY]XX\BX]\H[\]YH[\ܚ] ۛH\\\[B\Yܝو[^YYۜ]]\Bܙ[\]][XX[H[[\]\\Xݙ\[ܙH]ZXH[H^\™[pZYZ[[ܚ] \[[\ݙ\[[[[]]]K[[HXYH[ܙH[]]Hš[[[0\Y]\\H[ܙHZ[H˜HܙY\X[]\[] [[x&[]H\][و[[[X][ۂ[\]Z\H\Xݙ\H[YH[]Y[ܚ]ˈH]H\[[[x&\H[[[\\[ \[ܙBZ[HHܙY\] Xݙ\H]Y[ܚ]Z\ۙ\[\]X[]HوY\XܙX\\[[H[ܙX\H[\[\›و][[H[H\وXBX[؛[\˂ˈ\[[\ݙ\Y]XX˜ۙ][ۚ[ˈ\YHH[\8'Y\]X™\\x'H܈HY\[X[X]8&\ܙ]X]H\X[Y]›و[\HXZ[Z[[[ݙ\[\[ݘ\[\ۙ][ۚ[ˈY[x&\B[H\X[]\HZ[[[B][H]\\[\]H\[ۙ\\\[[]Y[][x&\B][]X[H^HوYX]B\[ݘ\[\ܚ˂H][ۜY\ۈH\YBو[\ݚ[[\ݙ\[Y]XX˜ۙ][ۚ[Έ\ ][]H\X\Bݙ\\Z[^\\\][H\ܛB[H[K܈^[\K][X[\[ۙ][ۚ[[ܚ\X]B[[Y][HۈY\[Y[^x&\HZ[[YHY\\[\\[\[[[HXݙ\\\[]Y[]ˈXۙKY[B\ܛH]H\[\[[\[[\K]8&\[HH\BZ[[\Y[[Y[\\[›ۘH[HXYH] ^\]p\[]]\[^\\H[]\H[\ݙ\[ۙ][ۚ[0\H]ZXK[[x&[[]HZ[]YX\Hܘ] \K܂\[ݘ\[\ۙ][ۚ[[[›Y]][H[\X[H[Y[\^H^BYK܈^[\KY[x&]HY[YX[ž[\\[[]\[[XY]^HH[YHو\][][\YY\]۸&]HۙYܙH[\[˜]\H[H^\Y[H\ۙ\[XXH܈[K \[[\ݙ\Y\]X[]KZYZ[[\[YXX[YXۂY\\[ ]Y[H]HH[]][BY[\HY\[H\YHHX^XH M\\H[Hܚ]\YZ[x&\HؘXH[][[[Y[^\\H\[HYZ[Z^B[\Y\[]\˂\ܛHH\H\[\[ۜ[Y][ۈ[\ZYZ[[ܚ]˜[[x&[H\\Y]H]]BYX][]Hۈ[[[H[\Y\\\\[\Y\[[ܙHY\BY]HY ]\Y\]X[]p\]]B[\X][ۜۛH܈Xݙ\[[]Y[ܚ][[\ݚ[[B\ܛX[K][܈[[\ݙ\[[\p[\[Y[\^H™^HYK8&[[\]\&HۂXX[Yܘ[H [[\] B[ۈ]\ [[\] BXZH\Hۛ[H[X›]\ԒUԐSTTPHԈTH HHVKSBSSHSTQHH[[^[YB'SSSTPRӑTx'B˚[]˘K]HH[STSS