Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 40

hidden in the hills hidden in the hills Colourful fungi Living Sustainably Walks & Workshops at the Community Environment Centre, Annangrove. by Lachlan Turner Dramatic colours, unusual shapes and interesting patterns. This can describe a whole range of fungi that may be found in some of the damp areas of creekside bushland. It is easy to overlook many fungi as most prefer spaces where there is no, or, next to no sunlight. They are often seen growing on decaying vegetable matter such as dead branches and fallen trees, mostly in a damp location. Where the environment is consistently cool and damp and there is a thick leaf litter you can almost be sure that you will find a variety of fungus nearby. However, there are some fungi that prefer a drier location in the open forest. The main requirement appears to be the availability of decaying vegetable matter in the form of fallen sticks, limbs or even trees. It is not the intention to identify the fungi shown in the images accompanying this column, as that process requires considerable knowledge gained from experience and research. Some varieties are edible but most are not. It is known that Aboriginal people possessed the knowledge to discern which ones were suitable for food. The advice is -- do not pick any fungus with the intention of taking it home to cook and eat -- at worst the consequences could be fatal. It is much better to look out for examples of fungus, then marvel at their ever-differing patterns, colours and shapes. If you take your camera with you when bushwalking, take a photograph. Don’t get too close, as it may be better to stand back and zoom in, as this allows more of the natural light to reach where the fungus is growing. It may be advantageous to experiment with the camera’s flash if the surroundings are dark. White Vase Fungus. Chickens and Herbs Thursday 1st June 10.00am to 11.30am Pink Fungus. Bush Walk Saturday 3rd June 10.00am to 12 noon Ted Horwood Reserve Purple Fungus. Honey Bees Saturday 10th June 10:00am to 1:00pm Foraging 2: Winter Wonders Thursday 22nd June 10:00am to 12:00 noon Bookings essential. Book walks & workshops online at www.thehillsenvironment. eventbrite.com.au The Community Environment Centre is located on Currie Ave in Annangrove and is open each Thursday from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm. Yellow Fungus. The Rural and Residential Plumbing Experts Serving the Hills and Hawkesbury Regions All work fully guaranteed Licence No 217577C We specialise in: • Hot water systems - gas, electric & solar • Blocked drains, septic tank issues & aerated sewerage systems • Ground water & storm water problems 0488 300 480 • Bush fire protection systems • Tanks, pumps and water supply • Renovation plumbing Awning Solutions GARDEN SHEDS for col western S H E D Outdoor Blinds & Awnings before after Outdoor ★ Automatic ★ Convertible ★ Channel ★ Straight drop ★ Reskins Indo )R&W"&ƖG0)RVvƖFW0)RfW'F60)RfVWF0)R6WGFW'0FRFV7W&R( "&vRb6W'0e$TR&ƖvFVFPVBrcGW7G'&B6"&"6RdU$BCSsr##p6W4vw6WF27FWwwrvw6WF27FWC55TR#BTR#r0d5D%D$T5B( "DRD$DU"( "TtR$tR( "u$TB$4U26fPBP6fPB##SsSsCfB&b6vR6ƖFrF ŒB"R2SsCfB&b6vR6ƖFrF ŒBB"&GB7G&VWBT$D( "Cs#s3#BFW'6&B4TDu$tR( "Cc3"C## bsbVRvv5dR( "srssprrrr2rR2BR"2RB22PwwrFWw26RDR2DUTDT