Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 39

home & garden Inside out or outside in Raw Concept Designs with Kathryn Fairbrother Raw Concept Designs Blending your indoor and outdoor spaces within your home can have endless benefits. It can make your home appear larger, more adaptable and practical, as well as providing an aesthetic appeal and maximising the benefits of the Australian climate. Connection It’s important to make the two spaces feel connected and have a natural flow between the areas. This can be achieved by ensuring that there is a consistent style throughout the spaces. Include harmonious décor, accents, materials, finishes and ensure continuous flooring from inside to out. A fire pit is perfect for the winter months. Access Ensure easy access and flow internal living space. Internal plants can from one area to the other. Large stacker be as simple as a single or cluster of pot or bi-fold doors can ensure that access plants and can go as far as a creating a from one zone to another is accessible garden in a disused corner or a vertical and free flowing. Installing a servery from garden. the kitchen to the outdoor area can make Comfort Perhaps include an outdoor entertaining quicker and easier. oven, a fire pit or gas heating linked to Back to Front Consider bringing your outdoor space to make it comfortable internal elements out such as a weather- in the cooler weather. Also proof lounge, cushions, consider fans or ventilation lamps or soft furnishings. to ensure the area stays cool Similarly, it can be a lot and airy in summer. of fun bringing outdoor If you can dream it, elements in such as natural we can design it. Call timber, stone, fire or 0416 184 186 or check garden. out our website www. Foliage One of my An indoor atrium with lush rawconceptdesigns.com. favourite i FV22Fw&VVW''&w2FRWFF'0Rf"&Rf&Fখ6'&FRG2F6FRGW&W"WFF"&V0FV"VFW'FV@vFvr6WF0g&BVBfR&VVW&Fpvr6WF266RfV''V'#rFWfR6&VBV'>( WW&V6RFRvr@&ƖBGW7G'g&2&7&g@FV6RVvVW"BVBVƖfVB6'VFW"6Vvw2&RRbFPvw26vrFRvvPW6RW"WFF"&V2&vB@FR7V"WfV&f7&RFR&V60VR&V( BWFƗ6rFV"g&W66&V2fW&F2BW&v2'WBN( 2BW7B7VW"vFW '&w2FR6B6vRFVBF&W&FPvFW"VfrW"WFF"&V2FFRvFW"VVVG26Vvw06GW&W"&V2FV"Ч&VBVFW'FVB&VBg&7FbFR67B6&VBFv72@vFWB6rFRWFF"7V7B`W"&V2BFW6WfV&VGV6Pvrg&vr6WF2W07V6FffW&V6RF涖rb'VFrWFVFr"&VfFs'VFr2f"WrW2WFV62FFF2&VfF2bG66r67VFF66WBFW6v0G66RFW6v04Bf'GV( vƲF&Vv( 6V67V&֗76खbR6G&VBvR6FW6vBCbB`wwr&v66WFFW6v26P( ŖW"6f&W6R7V6Ɨ7N( Хf6BW"6w&'F&6BF6VRW &vRF7bf&W6W2'W&p+&6PfVPG0vF&GV7G0W&66VBg&BVBfR6&VBV'0bWW&V6RFRvrB&Ɩ@GW7G'FRVvFVB6V7G2vR7W7FRW"vw2F7VBW"7W7FW'>( VVG2vFvFP&vRbf'&72g&R&6W@FRBFR7B6RRUbG&VFVBBVB&W67FBBFVזV"v'&GFRGVW6W 6'B2W6VBFF6FRV֖VЧvFW"6FrF6VVBFPf'&266VBW6R6W'2F&VP7GW2bFrg&f66vRFVG2"V66VBVB&W2FWfRVF6r6F2@V7FW6R7&vV"&vFFf"VV7G&2F'26Vvw2&RǒR`FRGW2vRFvR6&R6F&VBBF&vw2vfrFVЦWrV6RbƖfRBg&7FbFP&6R6VRW"BvRCf"W 6F7BFWF2"6W2f"g&VPVFRCSsr##rDR2DUTDTBwwrFWw26P6R6B'&Bg&^(J"D5cRu3"D57F'BW vBVFW vFFRFV6b'WGFcBu3"6Vf6RD5RCSs##R"f6BwwrvW6'W'VFr6P6w&cB&V2bƖR&B'F&6@VfvW6'W'VFr6RCSs##RfCSs3330Vg&W6GW&FG7VF'ТfƖBVF3VR#rBF&RW6VB6V7FvFFW"ffW"क55TR#BTR#r3