Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 35

out & about A right royal affair So, you didn’t get an invite to Pippa’s wedding. Don’t worry! You celebrate like royalty this Queen’s Birthday with an English high tea experience at The Epping Club’s Rawsons Restaurant. Handcrafted by executive chef Nick Whitehouse, who comes from the UK and cooked for the likes of Lady Diana and Prince Andrew, the menu includes: Delicate finger sandwiches of smoked rump with mustard and pickles and onion, bacon and tomato frittata with the sweet tier including lemon meringue, a chocolate caramel mousse with a decadent chocolate truffle to finish.   All guests will also get the choice of a pot of tea or espresso coffee. Australia’s largest animal circus Performing Lions, Horses, Dogs, Monkeys, Pigs, Goats, Flying Trapeze, Aerialists, Clowns, Acrobats, 12 person Springboard act with international artists and much, much more. A fantastic show for the whole family. Present this ad to receive High Tea will commence from 3:00pm and bookings are essential. Enjoy a special treat this Queen’s Birthday long weekend! Sunday 11 June | From 3pm. Members $45 | Non-Members $50. Book online at www. eppingclub.com or via Customer Service 9876 4357 (select 9) Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair 2017 Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 July Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair is coming to Hawkesbury Showground at Clarendon over the first weekend of July. There is plenty to keep you busy from the moment you walk through the gates! 10.00am Winterfest gates open Get up close and personal with Birds of Prey at Winterfest. 10.30am Official Welcome and Opening 11.00am The Winterfest mounted they cross lances in the spectacular Skill-at-Arms display: watch the Knights Winterfest Joust! and Ladies demonstrate their skills on 4.15pm The Grand Melee: the final horseback! battle of battles! Clubs together to test 11.30am-12.20pm Field & Fight metal and clash in teams and vie to be displays: enjoy the spectacle of the best! historic groups and displays of skill in 5.00pm – Winterfest Close the combat lists, showing skills with swords, fight skills and drills Events on all day: 12.00 noon Medieval Kitchen Rules: Feldergast the Fool: Winterfest’s Come and see some of the skills of a resident juggler, trickster, and all round cook in ages past, and the skills needed festive Jester. to prepare a medieval feast Medieval Archery: Visit the target field 12 noon -12.15pm Historical and try your hand at archery. Equestrian Games Australia will be Kids’ Corner: Visit our child friendly displaying some of the training both area, Winterfest’s colouring-in horse and rider go through with sword, competition, and face painting for spear, lance and archery. children. 12.30pm Fairy Marie: ‘Stories and Knights School: Learn to wield a sword Tales’ entertaining children with tales & Shield (small fee involved) and stories. Village Markets: Browse and enjoy faire 1.00pm -2.15pm -Field & Fight from all sorts of quality vendors with displays: enjoy the spectacle of a wonderful array of goods, try exotic historic groups and displays of skill in foods from our food providores. the combat lists, showing skills with swords, fight skills and drills. Various Times 2.15pm-3.00pm Birds of Prey: Full Medieval History: Crime and Flight Conservation Centre will enchant Punishment, or Medieval Medicine; guests with the free flying birds of ɕ)́͡Ѡɽ́Սѥ)ЁݥѠѡ5ѕȁȸ)Q5QѼЁѡ(̸ յ )́]ѕəаԁЁѡ) ѥѥԁɔ٥ѕѼ) ɑ́Aɕ䰁ٔɥ͵)յȁم)ٽٕ٥ͥЁѡaɥ͡)䰁剔ٕݥɥ锄)ɷdȁЁȁɔхݥѠѡ(̸Q]ѕəЁ)聍ȁ)]ѕəЁUɹ̄)ȁٽɥєЁѡȁ͕̰)ݥѠͽѡЁɅ)ܹݥѕəй)Q!́%9A99Pܹ̹$(ȁ)AȁQ(مѕ́)M!=]Q%5L)ɤ$(ɹ$)M$ɐ$)Mո$Ѡ$)]$Ѡ$)Q$Ѡ$)ɤ$(Ѡ$)MЀ$Ѡ$)Mո$Ѡ$)5$Ѡ$)QՕ̀$Ѡ$)]$Ѡ$)QȀ$Ѡ$)ɤ$Ѡ$)MЀ$Ѡ$)Mո$Ѡ$)QȀ$ɹ$)ɤ$ɐ$)MЀ$Ѡ$)Mո$Ѡ$(((Ņ(((((Ņ()9