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mums in business BizChat with rebe k ka h a w k i n s Creater / Fo u n d e r of AerialF i t Tell us about your business. Our studio inspires and empowers others to be the best versions of themselves. We offer a variety of Pilates, Barre, Stretch, Yoga, and Aerial classes in a space where everyone feels welcomed, comfortable and can have fun whilst improving their health. Why did you decide to start your business? I really loved attending Barre and Aerial Yoga classes but was travelling hours into the city because I felt uncomfortable in local studio environments. One night after coming home from an Aerial Yoga class I said to my husband, let’s start up an Aerial Yoga and Pilates Barre Studio.   How has the business evolved since you started? The business started small but grew very quickly – a little too quick for me to manage. Within the first two months of opening I found an amazing Yoga instructor who could see me struggling. After 12 months of managing the studio for free she now owns half. Within two years of operation we had outgrown our studio space and in December last year we moved premises (triple the size).   What challenges have you faced and overcome? Staffing is our major challenge. Finding a team that have the same values and that will be an extension of ourselves has been hard. We have overcome this by growing as leaders and improving our own skills - we now hire completely on values rather than skills. How have you found juggling being a parent with a business owner? Honestly it is still so hard, and I still struggle with it daily. I have an amazing team now at the studio which makes it so much easier and really supportive friends and family. However, most importantly if I’m happy doing what I love (which I am) then my kids are happy. What advice would you give to another mum looking to start her own business? Just start, don’t over plan or over think it, there will never be a ”right” time! Find something you are passionate about and just do it. You can work out the rest later! We chat to a mum in business to find out what life as an entrepreneur is really like. Just Breathe by Alison Valenti Co-Founder, Real Entrepreneur Mums Would you like to know a secret sales tactic? A tactic that connects potential customers to your brand and emotionally ties them to your product of service? The secret is storytelling. Consumers base their buying decisions on emotions rather than our rational mind-frame. This is because we are emotional beings. Good storytelling builds that emotional engagement. 5 Benefits of Using Storytelling: 1. A good story is remembered. It is easier to connect to a story rather than to facts and figures, particularly when you can relate personally to the story. 2. You can build empathy, trust and share a problem to solve with a good story. inspiring women to dream and achieve 3. Today’s consumers have the ability, and are more likely, to research products and producers more than ever before. They will be persuaded by a convincing story or anecdote. 4. Sell the story first and the product will sell itself. 5. No other business, not even your competitors can tell your story the way you do. It’s what sets you apart; your business is unique and will attract the right customers. Storytelling should be a component of all aspects of your business - from the content you write in your blogs, social media posts, emails and videos to how you introduce your business to prospective clients. Start to take notice of how the big brands are using storytelling in their advertising; how they structure their campaigns to play on your emotions to c onnect you to their product. Start to think how you could incorporate storytelling into your business to make it stand out from the crowd. www.realentrepreneurmums.com.au Register today for your FREE Guest Pass to our Hills Event Premium tech accessories Pilates and Yoga At Aerial Fit you will feel welcome and supported no matter your age, weight or fitness level. Join us to improve your flexibility, strength and mind-body connection. Classes run Monday to Friday from 9:30am until 9pm at night. On Tuesday & Thursdays we start the day at 6am. 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