Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 21

life & style Turn your excess solar into hot water! internet for the controller there is a model that has a manual set Communicator. There is no need for any wiring between these two boxes as they send the data over the existing power cables in your home! CATCH Power devices use an adaptive learning algorithm to ensure optimum use of the generated solar. With information on total solar generation, household loads, and hot water consumption, combined with forecasted weather data, CATCH will make the best decision about the most efficient source of power to use while keeping the supply of hot water continuous. There are no complicated settings to deal with. Skyline Solar is a CATCH Installer Partner. Have it installed by Skyline Solar and let CATCH do the rest. Some frequently asked questions. Will my existing hot water tank work with CATCH? Is my solar array suitable and is it big enough? If I have CATCH, can I get rid of my off-peak meter? For these and other questions, please contact Skyline Solar Unit 5/Showroom 317 Windsor Road, Vineyard. Phone 1300 759 765, email skylinesolar@ bigpond.com or visit www.skylinesolar. com.au Why waste your solar energy when it can heat your water with it? Is there an alternative cost effective option to battery storage? Yes, there is! Now that everyone is starting to see the benefits of their solar power system they are also realizing that they are sending excess energy back to the networks for a pittance of what they are paying and honestly it seems like it is a waste really! For some time now we have had many clients asking us here at Skyline Solar what other solutions are there than the battery storage options that are out of some people’s budgets or they simply don’t produce enough excess to warrant a battery but they do produce enough excess energy to use it somewhe