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business Legal issues for Seniorpreneurs by Katherine Hawes Digital Age Lawyers When most people retire, they leave their working days behind them. However, there is a new breed of retiree out there - the seniorpreneur. Retirees are now taking advantage of their new found free time to start, expand or change their own small business. When you decide to run a business in your later years, there are several legal issues that you should consider. Protecting your lifestyle The two most important documents for seniorpreneurs are the will and the power of attorney. A will is a legal document where you can set out who you want to inherit your assets and belongings when you pass away. Life is constantly changing, so it is important that you update your will as your life progresses. A power of attorney is another significant legal document that allows you to protect your lifestyle. As a seniorpreneur, you have invested your time and money into establishing a successful business. You should ensure that this business is protected while you are overseas on holiday or if you lose capacity. A power of attorney involves the appointment of an attorney to manage your financial and legal affairs. It expires when you die and can be revoked at any time, given that you still have mental capacity. A power of attorney is very useful for a seniorpreneur who intends to travel as it allows your attorney to access bank accounts and make payments as required by the business. Contracts When you are building a business, it is essential to ensure that your contracts are legal. If you run an online business, it is important that you have several other legal documents published on your website. These include a privacy policy which advises visitors on how and why personal information is collected and stored, a cookie policy advising visitors of the use of cookies and website terms of use that visitors will automatically agree to if they use the website. These documents will ensure that your business can thrive without the danger of claims for liability. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Digital Age Lawyers on 02 8858 3211. Quirky business with a difference Hills business owner, Trudie Sultana introduces DIY Photographer to the event market. A unique and fun concept has been created by Hills business owner, Trudie Sultana with the creation of DIY Photographer. Remember when you went to weddings or events and there would be a disposable camera on the table for guests to take pictures? Since digital cameras have come onto the market, those disposable cameras have disappeared, yet quite often it’s the guests that manage to capture the best photos! So Trudie decided to bring that concept back with a digital twist. “I’m excited to start this unique concept,” Trudie says. “We hire out professional cameras for special events. I deliver and pick up the cameras and every photo that’s taken is owned by the hirer.” How does it work? You can hire a professional Canon Power Shot G5X Digital camera for use at your event, 20 ISSUE 24 // JUNE 2017 giving you and your guests complete creative control to capture every moment in your own special way. Trudie drops the cameras to you and then picks them up. Too easy! Trudie downloads the images and forwards them onto you as soft copies via Dropbox. And you’re done! “We believe anyone can be a photographer when you have the right equipment from DIY Photographer,” Trudie says. “Why hire an expensive photographer when you have this affordable and fun option?” Trudie is looking to expand the business through a franchise model. For more information regarding franchising, contact Trudie on 0478 777 111. Or if you fancy trying out the unique DIY Photographer offering at your next event, head to www.diyphotographer.com.au. www.hdinews.com.au THE hills INDEPENDENT