Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 17

life & style Winter gardening: planting bare root roses by Karen Gallagher Sydney’s Plant Market or hybrid tea varieties.  The choice is endless. The tag The winter months on each bag will is the perfect time give you a very to purchase and good description plant bare rooted of the particular roses. They are in a rose and the dormancy period and type of rose you are readily available at the nursery at a are purchasing. budget friendly price. When purchasing Once you a bare rooted rose, you will find they have made look like a bunch of thorny sticks with your selection, no leaves and wrapped in damp sawdust there are a few in a plastic packaging bag. Don’t let this important tips A traditional red rose can brighten up a garden. dissuade you as this is possibly the best to help your rose so that all roots time to purchase the widest variety of thrive when planted. The most important are covered before roses. tip is to never allow the roots to become watering in well. You may need a climber to cover a wall dry. Keep the rose in a shaded spot in the No fertiliser rather than a shrub rose. But to create bag until your planting hole is prepared. should be added big blocks of colour or mass plantings, Make sure you are planting in a sunny until early spring use shrub roses such as the floribundas position in the garden and prepare the but it is an excellent soil with some composted cow manure or add new soil. Make sure the ground is well idea to reapply seaweed solution watered before you plant. every two weeks Next remove the rose from its so that the rose packaging and shake off any sawdust establishes well around the root system. It is a good idea Now is the time to plant roses in preparation for some spring colour. under the ground to place the rose in a bucket of water before the spring season. Mulch your roses display of roses in your garden. with added seaweed solution for up to 24 with sugar cane so they don’t dry out. hours before planting. This will enhance Come and see the friendly staff at Roses are very adaptable to most soils new root development. Cut back any Sydney’s Plant Market for help purchasing and generally very easy to grow given excessively l ong roots so that they fit in your bare rooted roses. the correct care. All you need to do now the planting hole. Place the rose in the is sit back and wait for some new spring planting hole making sure the graft union Drop in and see us at 184 leaves to appear before fertilising. Regular Annangrove Road, Annangrove, call is approximately 25cm above the ground level. Gently backfill the ground with fresh feeding will ensure you have many flowers 9679 2606 or find us on Facebook for Standard roses are popular in the Hills District. soil making sure you firm down the soil and what could be better than a stunning more information. WINTER SALE NOW ON - HURRY IN FOR 100’S OF GREAT SPECIALS OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM TO 5PM BUY DIRECT & SAVE zygocactus IN FULL FLOWER 4 20 $ pots for GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE BUY DIRECT & SAVE BUY DIRECT & SAVE HEDGING & ROCKERY PLANTS 4 pots $ cow manure 5 bags for 20 $ 20 for over 20 colours 100mm pot 25 Litre Bag INC. BUXUS, MURRAYA, GARDENIA & MORE 100mm pot BUY DIRECT & SAVE BUY DIRECT & SAVE BUY DIRECT & SAVE new season poTTED COLOUR 1 $ only EA INC. PANSY, PRIMULA POLYANTHUS & MORE 100mm pot BAGGED AZALEA’S ROSES 12 $ just IN BUD LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM AVAILABLE MID JUNE ONLY EA 125mm pot 9679 2606 184 Annangrove Rd ANNANGROVE sydneysplantmarket@bigpond.com THE hills INDEPENDENT www.hdinews.com.au 8 $ EA WE deliver to all areas ISSUE 24 // JUNE 2017 17