Hills District Independent JUNE 2017 #24 - Page 11

local life a day in the life of... Aaron Scully : Owner of The Hills Drama School by Penny Webb A graduate of Oakhill College and now living in Castle Hill, Aaron Scully has been a long-term resident and fan of the Sydney Hills. So setting up his business, The Hills Drama School in the area was a simple next step for him to take. Aaron juggles running The Hills Drama School, teaching classes, performing himself in numerous productions and spending time with his fiancé which keeps him busy, to say the least! “I really enjoy teaching the classes. I feel blessed that I can continue to be creative and can encourage my students to do so as well,” Aaron says. It’s a busy time with all of Aaron’s students performing in a theatre competition called Sharp, Short Theatre this month and the adult students performing at the Sydney Eisteddfod in August. “I love to see students growing in confidence and enjoying the idea of playing with characters in class,” says Aaron. “But my favourite thing is to see my students perform on stage.” We checked in with Aaron to see how he juggles the logistics of living, performing, teaching and running a successful business in the Hills. 0600 Early-ish start for me as I wake up and eat breakfast. 0700 Head to Fitness First in Castle Hill for some early morning exercise to start the day. 0800 Jump in the car and drive to Wiseman’s Ferry for a performance. 0900 Prepare for a theatre show with fellow cast members. This usually involves standing around and telling jokes as we get into costume! 1000 Perform a convict show for schools as we walk up “The Great North Road”. THE hills INDEPENDENT www.hdinews.com.au 1100 Perform a convict show for schools as we act out scenes around a camp fire. 1200 Eat lunch in Wiseman’s Ferry with cast members as we wait for the schools to leave the location. 1300 Travel back home from Wiseman’s Ferry to The Hills District. 1400 Reply to business emails and prepare for classes. Aaron Scully juggles performing and running a business. 1500 Print scripts for students, travel to the hall and set up classes for the evening. 1600 Teach Children’s class. 1700 Teach Teenage class. 1800 Teach Teenage class. 1900 Teach Adult class. 2000 Teach Adult class. 2100 Eat dinner at home with my beautiful fiancé. 2200 Prepare for the next day and sleep. ISSUE 24 // JUNE 2017 11