Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 9

Under Full Sail Rob Mundle 1787 Nick Brodie Bob Ellis: In His Own Words Bob Ellis HB $45.00 For anyone who travelled to Australia before 1850, it was a long and arduous journey that could take as much as four months. With the arrival of the clipper ships, the journey from England could be done in a little over half this time, bringing keen and willing migrants hell-bent on making their fortune in Australia. Brimming with countless stories of the magnificent ships and the characters we find on them, Under Full Sail is another ripping tale from Rob Mundle. PB $29.99 For over 200 years Australia's official history has focused on English colonisation and 'discovery'. But what of the millennia before the English claimed Australia as their own? 1787 traces the journey of Australia before the infamous 1788 date, placing Indigenous Australians back into our known history. It shifts focus away from post-colonial history and engages the reader in the eventful stories of Australia as a land participating in a global history. PB $34.99 Bob Ellis: In His Own Words showcases the best of Ellis's celebrated and much-loved essays, speeches, diaries and scripts, in addition to previously unpublished work, archival photos and reflections from close friends and family. Compiled by Ellis's widow, Anne Brooksbank, this collection contains all the wit, acuity and outspokenness that we came to expect from this inimitable wordsmith. The Story of Australia's People Volume II Geoffrey Blainey What is a Refugee? William Maley True Girt David Hunt PB $29.99 In Australia, growing alarm about the arrival of asylum seekers has led to the country imposing increasingly draconian anti-refugee policies. In Europe, the recent arrival of more than a million refugees and asylum seekers has provoked a sense of panic. William Maley offers a guide to the complex idea of 'the refugee' and sets the current crisis within the wider history of human exile, injecting much-needed objectivity and nuance into the debate. PB $32.99 In this sequel to Girt, David Hunt takes us to the Australian frontier. This was the Wild South, home to hardy pioneers, gun-slinging bushrangers, directionally challenged explorers, nervous indigenous people, Caroline Chisholm and sheep. Lots of sheep. True Girt introduces fascinating ]š\ܚX[Y\\HH\X[X[ݙ\܈[[YH^B[Z[HY[\B\\]H]\[XHHX[\\YٙYH\\ KNB[[YHRHوHܞHو]\[XI”[K[ٙ^HZ[^H۝[Y\\˜X[وH\ܞHو\[BHHX\H\B\[^K\][HܞHق\][ۈ[][KHB\[Y[BY][YKZ[^H[YHB^H][و[ܙHX[[Y\]]H\Y\[H][ۈ[[HH\H^K