Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 8

Australian A Single Tree Don Watson (Ed) Murder at Myall Creek Mark Tedeschi The Voyages of Captain James Cook HB $45.00 Following the same loose themes of The Bush, this collection comprises diary extracts, memoirs, journals, letters, histories, poems and fiction spanning the four centuries since Europeans first set eyes on the continent. There are accounts of journeys, of work and recreation, of creation and destruction. And musings on what might be the future of the bush: as an environment, a food bowl, a wellspring of national identity. PB $32.99 In 1838, eleven convicts and former convicts were put on trial for the brutal murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in New South Wales. The trial’s prosecutor was the Attorney General of New South Wales, John Hubert Plunkett. Murder at Myall Creek follows the journey of the man who arguably achieved more for modern-day civil rights in Australia than anyone else before or since. HB $49.99 In 1766, the Royal Society chose mapmaker and navigator James Cook to lead a South Pacific voyage. After charting the path of Venus across the sun, he continued to comb the southern hemisphere for the imagined continent Terra Australis. The Voyages of Captain James Cook is an illustrated edition of Cook's writings spanning his Pacific voyages, ending with his death in 1779. It's bound to enthral anyone who appreciates history, science, art, and classic adventure. Grog Tom Gilling From the Edge Mark McKenna PB $32.99 Even before James Squire set sail as a convict aboard the First Fleet, liquor was playing its part in shaping the colony-to-be. As the colony grew, rum became both a currency and a source of political strength and instability, culminating in the Rum Rebellion in 1808. Grog is a colourful account of the unique beginnings of a new nation, and an insight into the history of Australia's long love affair with the hard stuff. PB $34.99 In From the Edge, Mark McKenna uncovers the places and histories that Australians so often fail to see. Like the largely forgotten story of the sailors' walk in 1797, these remarkable histories lie on the edge of national consciousness. Retracing their steps, McKenna explores the central drama of Australian history—the encounter between Aboriginal and nonAboriginal Australians—and offers a new understanding of the country and its people. Living with the Locals Victoria Haskins and John Maynard PB $44.99 Living with the Locals shares the stories of 13 white men, boys and women who were taken in by the Indigenous people of eastern Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. The stories provide a glimpse into Indigenous life at the point of early contact between Indigenous people and British colonists, exploring the negative attitudes towards Indigenous people and the white survivors who spoke up against their appalling treatment.