Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 25

Children’s Non-Fiction Lots Marc Martin The Ultimate Book of Space Anne-Sophie Baumann HB $24.99 From Hong Kong to the Amazon and Ulaanbaatar to Antarctica, come on a guided journey around the world. Sleepy sloths, colourful cows, prolific pastries, staggering skylines, terrible traffic, bustling bodies, burglarising baboons... you’ll be surprised by what you find along the way! From awardwinning author and illustrator Marc Martin comes a quirky fact-filled adventure for curious globetrotters, young and old. HB $34.99 With all the features that made The Ultimate Construction Site Book a bestseller, this oversized volume offers a fact-filled and action-packed look at the amazing universe of outer space. Bursting with 40 flaps, pop-ups, pull tabs, and movable parts, The Ultimate Book of Space provides a richly illustrated, hands-on exploration of space travel, the Earth’s place in our galaxy, the solar system, and so much more! The Book of Bees Piotr Socha Build a Rocket Ian Graham HB $35.00 How do bees communicate? What does a beekeeper do? Did you know that Napoleon loved bees? Who survived being stung by 2,443 bees? This encyclopaedic book answers all these questions and many more. Piotr Socha tracks the history of bees from the age of the dinosaurs to their current plight, examining along the way the role bees have played in history and in the rest of the natural world. HB $29.99 Build a Rocket is the perfect guide to rockets and their role in space exploration. Using the Saturn V rocket as an exciting introduction, it provides a spectacular guide to rocketry and space travel. Building a model of the Saturn V, and slotting each of the parts into place, gives you a unique, hands-on understanding of space rocket engineering. Survivors David Long, illustrated by Kerry Hyndman HB $29.99 Beautifully presented in a large hardback format, and fully illustrated throughout, this wonderful anthology is a treat for all the family. Be shocked and amazed by these incredible reallife stories of extreme survival. Combining classic tales such as Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic voyage, as well as more modern exploits such as the adventurer who inspired the movie 127 Hours, these astonishing stories will fascinate young readers. 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up Bianca Schulze PB $17.99 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up provides a comprehensive list of books for children to read before they grow up. This must-read list acts as an interactive journal where kids can document the books they read and why they like them. The perfect reference guide for book lovers of all ages, 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up helps both kids and parents decide which books to read next!