Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 23

Istanbul Cult Recipes Pomme Larmoyer Lamingtons & Lemon Tart Darren Purchese China: The Cookbook HB $49.99 Istanbul Cult Recipes invites you to explore an ancient and captivating city through its cuisine—a vast gastronomic culture spanning centuries and influences, from Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Mediterranean. With maps highlighting some of the author's favourite food destinations, and profiles on some of the city's proprietors and chefs, let Istanbul Cult Recipes envelop you in its passion for Turkish food. HB $49.99 Hailed as Australia's Willy Wonka, Darren Purchese is renowned for his stunning high-end dessert creations. With his scientific approach to food and ingredients, in Lamingtons & Lemon Tart Darren turns his eye to the classics. Appealing to the home cook who might be ambitious, but also wants to feel that the recipes are within their grasp, Darren takes readers through the basics of what he considers to be “sweet essentials”. HB $59.95 Featuring more than 650 recipes for delicious and authentic Chinese dishes for the home kitchen, this impressive and authoritative book showcases the culinary diversity of the world's richest and oldest cuisines with recipes from the 33 regions and sub-regions. China: The Cookbook celebrates popular staples as well as lesser-known regional classics and features additional selected recipes from star chefs from around the world. Salads & Vegetables Karen Martini Alimentari Linda and Paul Jones River Cottage A to Z Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall PB $39.99 Karen Martini is one of Australia's most respected chefs, and is well known for her show-stopping salads. This collection draws on her genius in teaming produce with cheese, nuts, pastry, legumes, herbs and spices to create nourishing vegetable-led dishes that you'll make again and again. Salads & Vegetables celebrates fresh produce at its absolute best and will inspire you to create delicious and healthy vegetable-based dishes every day. PB $39.99 Alimentari is a book that captures the soul of its two Melbourne cafe-deli namesakes in Collingwood and Fitzroy. Its ultimate aim is to present delicious, attainable Italian-Middle Eastern food (with some cheffy touches) alongside Linda’s compelling story of success—and some stunning food and location photography. HB $85.00 This huge and beautiful book is a River Cottage 'Larousse' of ingredients. With entries on vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, meat, fish, fungi, foraged foods, dairy, oils, vinegar and m ՍɔЁɅѕ)ɔѡɕ́ѡЁѡ)ɸЁɽ̸]Ѡ)չѽɅ䁅ٽѥٔ)Ʌѥ̰ѡ́́ѥ́ݽɬ)ѡЁݥͅ)եȁٕ䁭э((