Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 15

The Descent of Man Grayson Perry Against Everything Mark Greif Fight Like a Girl Clementine Ford HB $35.00 What is masculinity and what can it become? Tracing the contours of the dominant male role today, its history and its clearly defined rules, The Descent of Man explores everything from sex, seriousness and intimidation to clothing, childhood and power, suggesting a more modern model of manhood which may reach escape velocity from the gravity of Traditional Man. HB $34.99 Over the past eleven years, Greif has been publishing superb essays in n+1, which he co-founded. These essays address such key topics as the tyranny of exercise, the tyranny of nutrition and food snobbery, the sexualization of childhood, the philosophical meaning of Radiohead, the rise and fall of the hipster and the crisis of policing. Each essay in Against Everything is learned, original, highly entertaining, and, from start to finish, dead serious. PB $29.99 Online sensation, fearless feminist heroine and scourge of trolls and misogynists everywhere, Clementine Ford is a beacon of hope and inspiration to thousands of Australian women and girls. Her incendiary debut is an essential manifesto for feminists new, old and soon-to-be. Crucially, it is a call to arms for all women to rediscover the fury that has been suppressed by a society that still considers feminism a threat. Frantumaglia Elena Ferrante Thank You for Being Late Thomas L. Friedman PB $29.99 Frantumaglia is a riveting compilation, over the course of her writing career, of Elena Ferrante's letters to her publisher, interviews with editors and journalists, and responses to readers' questions. For fans of Ferrante, and for fans of writing, this is essential reading. Her comments have the ring of truth and the power of wisdom. This is a woman who not only knows her own mind, she can see deep into ours, too. PB $34.99 We all sense itβ€”something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your children. You can't miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are speeding ΥÊP)…Ή₯Ё₯́‘₯ιιε₯ΉœΈ%ΈQ‘…Ή¬e½Τ™½Θ) •₯Ήœ1…Ρ”°„έ½Ι¬ΥΉ±₯­”…Ήδ‘”‘…Μ)…ΡΡ•΅ΑΡ•‰•™½Ι”°Q‘½΅…́0Έ)Ι₯•‘΅…Έ•αΑ½Ν•ΜΡ‘”Ρ•Ρ½Ή₯Œ)΅½Ω•΅•ΉΡ́ё…Ё…Ι”Ι•Ν‘…Α₯ΉœΡ‘”)έ½Ι±Ρ½‘…䁅Ή•αΑ±…₯ΉΜ‘½άΡΌ•Π)Ρ‘”΅½ΝЁ½ΥЁ½˜Ρ‘•΄Έ()]½΅…Έ1½½­₯Ήœ…Ё5•Έ)1½½­₯Ήœ…Ё]½΅•Έ)M₯Ι€!ΥΝΡΩ•‘Π)A€ΜΘΈδδ)́ݕ±°…́‰•₯Ήœ„ΑΙ₯ι”΅έ₯ΉΉ₯Ήœ°)‰•ΝΡΝ•±±₯ΉœΉ½Ω•±₯ΝΠ°M₯Ι€!ΥΝΡΩ•‘Ё₯Μ)έ₯‘•±δΙ•…Ι‘•…́„±•…‘₯ΉœΡ‘₯Ή­•Θ)₯ΈΡ‘”™₯•±‘́½˜Ή•ΥΙ½±½δ°™•΅₯Ή₯Ν΄°…ΙΠ)Ι₯Ρ₯₯Ν΄…ΉΑ‘₯±½Ν½Α‘丁Q‘”•ΝΝ…έ₯Έ)Ρ‘₯́ٽ±Υ΅”™½Ι΄…Έ•αΡΙ•΅•±δ)ΝΡ₯΅Υ±…Ρ₯Ήœ°Ρ‘½Υ‘Ρ™Υ°°έ₯‘”΅Ι…Ή₯Ήœ)•αΑ±½Ι…Ρ₯½Έ½˜Ν½΅”½˜Ρ‘”)™ΥΉ‘…΅•ΉΡ…°ΕΥ•ΝΡ₯½ΉΜ…‰½ΥЁ‘Υ΅…Έ)‰•₯ΉΜ…ΉΡ‘”‘Υ΅…Έ½Ή‘₯Ρ₯½Έ°)‘•±₯Ω•Ι•έ₯Ρ M₯Ι€!ΥΝΡΩ•‘НΜ)ΥΝΡ½΅…Ι䁱Ս₯‘₯Ρ䰁Ω₯Ω…₯Ρ䁅Ή)₯Ή™•Ρ₯½ΥΝ±δΕΥ•ΝΡ₯½Ή₯Ήœ₯ΉΡ•±±₯•Ή”Έ((0