Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 13

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts Christopher De Hamel Between the Wars Philip Ziegler Notable Boats Surya Sajnani HB $45.00 In Between the Wars, Philip Ziegler examines the major international turning points that led the world from one war to another. His perspective is panoramic, touching on all parts of the world where history was being made. It is the tragic story of a world determined that the horrors of the First World War would never be repeated yet committed to a path which was inevitably destined to end in a second, even more devastating conflict. HB $39.99 Whether used for transport, adventure, work, or sport, boats have played a vital role in human history and have inspired numerous stories. The 40 boats featured in Notable Boats will gently float you away with tales of bravery, adventure, and the odd moment of near catastrophe. Perfect for dipping in and out of, Notable Boats offers an intimate window into a world of sailing for expert and novice alike. Queen Bees Siân Evans The Pursuit of Power Richard J. Evans Explorers' Sketchbooks Huw Lewis-Jones & Kari Herbert PB $32.99 Queen Bees looks at the lives of six remarkable women who made careers out of being society hostesses in the inter-war years, including Lady Astor, who became the first female MP, and Mrs Greville, who cultivated relationships with Edward VII, as well as Lady Londonderry, Lady Cunard, Laura Corrigan and Lady Colefax. Written with wit, verve and heart, Queen Bees is the story of societal revolution, and the women who helped it happen. HB $75.00 Richard J. Evans, bestselling historian of Nazi Germany, returns with a monumental new addition to the acclaimed Penguin History of Europe series, covering the period from the fall of Napoleon to the outbreak of World War I. The first single-volume history of the century, this comprehensive and sweeping account gives the reader a magnificently human picture of Europe in the age when it dominated the rest of the globe. HB $60.00 Despite dramatic advances in technology and equipment over the centuries, there is one vital piece of kit in mo ^ܙ\]]\ۉ[Y]X][8%H\[ B][\[\[Y\H[\Hܝ[]Hœ\HHۋ]K\XX[ۜق\[ [\Y[]YX[\^B\^YY[ޙ[\\Y[[Z[\[\\[XZ[ܙ\˂ KNB\\H[Y[[]\BXY\[[[X]H۝\][ۜ][HوH[[[\›X[\ܚ\[^\[H[™^ܙH]^H[\X]X\BH\[YX\وYYY][\ܞx%[X]H[\ܛˈ\][\]X]HܞK\۝\][ۈ]HXY\YY][][X\XHX[\ܚ\۝^\H\[][ۈ[^][Y[ق[[\[YHوHܙX]\ܚو\[\[\K