Hill of Content Summer Catalogue 2016/17 - Page 10

Biography Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion Gareth Stedman Jones The Hate Race Maxine Beneba Clarke The Boy Behind the Curtain Tim Winton HB $79.99 Gareth Stedman Jones's impressive biography explores how Karl Marx came to his revolutionary ideas in an age of intellectual ferment, and the impact they had on his times. In a world where so many things were changing so fast, who would the coming age belong to? This remarkable book allows the reader to understand as never before the world of ideas that shaped Marx's world— and in turn made Marx shape our own. PB $32.99 Suburban Australia. Sweltering heat. Three bedroom blonde-brick. Family of five. Beat-up Ford Falcon. Vegemite on toast. Maxine Beneba Clarke's life is just like all the other Aussie kids on her street. Except for this one, glaring, inescapably obvious thing. From one of Australia's most exciting writers comes The Hate Race: a powerful, funny, and at times devastating memoir about growing up black in white middle-class Australia. HB $45.00 A chronicler of sudden turnings, brutal revelations and tender sideswipes, Tim Winton has always been in the business of trouble. In The Boy Behind the Curtain Winton reflects on the accidents, traumatic and serendipitous, that have influenced his view of life and fuelled his distinctive artistic vision. By turns impassioned, funny, joyous and astonishing, this is Winton’s most personal book to date, an insight into the man who’s held us enthralled for three decades. Hero of the Empire Candice Millard Ariel: A Literary Life of Jan Morris Derek Johns A World Gone Mad Astrid Lindgren HB $49.99 Winston Churchill arrived in South Africa in 1899 to cover the colonial war between the British and Boer rebels. Shortly after his arrival, Churchill was taken prisoner. The story of his escape is incredible enough, but then Churchill enlisted, returned to South Africa and freed the men with whom he had been imprisoned. Millard spins an epic story of this pivotal moment, including Churchill's encounters with people with whom he would share the world stage. HB $39.99 Jan Morris is one of the great British writers of the post-war era. Soldier, journalist, writer about places, elegist of the British Empire and novelist, she has fashioned a distinctive prose style that is elegant, fastidious, and sometimes gloriously gaudy. Ariel is not a conventional biography, but rather an appreciation of the work and life of someone who is known as both a delightful writer and a generous, affectionate, witty and irreverent friend. HB $39.99 Astrid Lindgren championed the qualities of courage, hope, love and resistance; and these qualities are in evidence in the diaries she kept during the Second World War. Published for the first time in English, her diary provides insight into a Europe poisoned by fascism, racism and violence, from the point of view of not only an employee of the Swedish Mail Censorship Office, but also of a wife, mother and budding writer living in a formally neutral country.